• Jan 13, 2020
The description of the Persian cat is reflected in the standard of breed.

According to the description, the Persian cat has the average or large size, broad frame, ideal proportions, a graceful look. The lines of a body rounded, soft.
 a cat On a photo: The Persian cat
the Breast deep, wide, is decorated with dense "jabot" or "collar", shoulders are equal on width to a sacrum.

of the Persian cat well rounded, wide, top part dome-shaped, without vertical crest. Ears are small, with brushes, tips roundish are placed widely. The nose which is hitched up and short, between eyes horizontal deepening – transition is distinctly expressed. Jaws are strong, wide.

Expression of "face" at the Persian cats gloomy, however this deceptive impression: "Persians" gentle and tender.
 a cat On a photo: Persian cat
Neck thick and very short.

of an Eye brilliant, roundish, their color depends on a wool color.

of the Foot rounded, between fingertips long brushes of wool.

On hind legs are "panties".

Length of hair of the Persian cats can reach 15 cm, it dense and dense, but at the same time easy and silky.
 a cat On a photo: Persian cat

Colour of the Persian cat

the Colour of the Persian cat can be practically any, however colors of "Persians" are divided into several categories:

1. Continuous (one-color) color of the Persian cat.
  • White Persian cats (eyes can be blue, copper or multi-colored).
  • Cream Persian cats.
  • Black color.
  • Blue color.
  • Red color.
  • Lilac color.
  • the Chocolate color (eyes have to be copper-orange bright color).
2. A motley color of the Persian cat (marks of two flowers are randomly distributed on a heifer of cats, marks on a nose often meet or a chin of an eye have to have copper color).
  • the Black and red and tortoise color, including cream-blue, cream-lilac, cream and chocolate.
3. Kaliko (bicolor) – two-color. It is preferable that eyes were orange or copper.
  • Kaliko is a white Persian cat with black and red spots.
  • Lilac калико.
  • Blue калико.
  • Chocolate калико.
  • Any coloring where continuous, tortoise, smoky, tabb or a vualevy color it is combined with byly in color).
4. Golden color. Eyes have to be green or nut. An underfur at these Persian cats apricot or golden, and tips of strands of wood along the ridge, from the head to a tail tip, dark.
5. Tabb (spotty and striped color).
  • Cream tabb.
  • Burpy tabb.
  • Blue tabb.
  • Kameevy tabb.
  • Tortoise tabb.
  • the Coloring can be speckled, classical, spotty and marelevy.
6. Smoky and vualevy. Eyes have to be copper.
  • Kameevaya coloring (red tips of white wool).
  • Vualevy kinds of a monophonic color.

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