• Jan 13, 2020

Character of a Peterbald very pleasant.
the Peterbald – exclusively sociable and tender cat. She is ready to be on friendly terms with the whole world! And the owner should correspond. To these cats the love and caress is vital.
 the Peterbald of a photo On a photo: a Peterbald at the same time a Peterbald you will not call
the taciturn person. It is ready to support any conversation or to initiate it. This feature should be considered.

Peterbalds on character are quite clean cats and since the early childhood learn to use a tray.

the St. Petersburg sphinxes are very curious. They are interested in all! Also do not try to lock them in the room – a Peterbald, like Gudini, will get out of an imprisonment as soon as possible to assure you of the love or to take an interest that you try to hide from it.

the Nature of a peretbold does not assume manifestations of aggression neither to people, nor to other animals. These cats can make friends with any animals though with a dog though with a decorative rat. But it does not prevent them to catch everything that can be of interest from the hunting point of view on the street at all.

Representatives of breed quite well give in to training.

the St. Petersburg sphinxes are quite vigorous.

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