• Feb 6, 2020
The description of a Peterbald is reflected in standards of breed.
of Peterbalds, or the St. Petersburg sphinxes, many consider the embodiment of elegance.
 the Peterbald (the St. Petersburg sphinx) of a photo On a photo: a Peterbald Golov's
of a Peterbald long, narrow and a little extended. Experts especially appreciate graceful transition of the head to quite long neck. The shape of a neck of a Peterbald reminds Nefertiti's neck.

Nose of a Peterbald direct and long, and profile proud.

Ears, as well as at other sphinxes, big, wide at the basis. Tips of ears look in different directions. So-called English of posts of ears, i.e. ears on which it is possible to razmesit the sheet of paper is appreciated at the St. Petersburg sphinxes.
Visually the head and ears have to remind
a sharp blade.
often are absent, however if they are, then have the wavy form.
the nature allocated
of Peterbalds with surprisingly beautiful eyes: slightly slanting and almond-shaped. Color of eyes: green, yellow, blue or blue.

the Peterbald – a cat of the average size. Weight of a cat: 3 – 3.5 kg, the weight of a cat seldom exceed 5 kg.

According to the description, the Peterbald has the extended body of a tuboobrazny form. That is, if to look at a cat from above, hips and shoulders will be identical width. Edges of rounded shape, and the line of a groin should not look picked up.

of the Leg of the St. Petersburg sphinx harmonious and quite long, paws roundish, small pillows of paws thick. Curve paws are considered as a shortcoming.

the Tail at a Peterbald peculiar: long, thin from the basis, without breaks.

the Colour of the St. Petersburg sphinx can be a miscellaneous. Cream, lilac, chocolate kittens and also cats of a color a kolor-point and partikolor are considered as especially valuable. And here a Peterbald you will meet a one-color cat of breed infrequently. Black, gray, red or white colors – it is rather an exception, than the rule.

Peterbald not necessarily absolutely naked. Options are possible:
  • Brash. These kittens are born with wool, but in the course of growing it drops out.
  • Brash-poynt. At these kittens wool is shorter, than in the previous case, but a fluffy tail. But with age wool remains only on extremities and a muzzle, sometimes – on a tail.
  • Velour. The hair is available for little kittens, but then can remain on a morodchka and pads, and can disappear absolutely, having left memories of itself only in the form of "socks" or "knee socks".
  • Flock. The kitten has no moustaches and eyebrows, and hair length – at most 2 mm.
  • Lysorozhdenny. Apparently from the name, such kitten of a Peterbald is born absolutely bald. At the same time special skin allocations make impressions of a rubber little body.
  • Pryamosherstny. The hair and moustaches absolutely usual, such they also remain with an adult cat.

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