• Jan 13, 2020

The history of breed a Peterbald (the St. Petersburg sphinx), apparently from the name, began in the Northern Capital of Russia – the city of St. Petersburg.
 the Peterbald (the St. Petersburg sphinx) of a photo On a photo: Peterbald
All cats of breed a Peterbald conduct the sort from one primogenitor – a cat by the name of the Nocturne which became a fruit of love of the Don sphinx and cat of the German blood.

the St. Petersburg sphinx was recognized as separate breed in 1996. Selection Felinological Federation. At the same time created the standard of breed.

B breed a Peterbald was recognized 1997 by the international organization TICA, and in 2003 – WCF.

a vector of development of breed is directed Now to Siamese and oriental type: the big ears divorced in the parties, a long muzzle and an elegant body. Therefore Peterbalds it is possible to knit from oriyentala and Siamese cats and also from balineza and yavanezam.

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