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Kot экзот (short-haired exotic) which ancestor is the Persian cat, was brought to territories of the USA. The exotic short-haired cat is externally very similar to a lovely plush toy and is capable to fascinate any. The popularity of ekzot continues to grow, and this unusual pet is adored by both fans of cats, and professional manufacturers. Rather often win first place in specialized exhibitions of a cat of an ekzota.

Plush Pets — Cats of Breed Ekzot
Kot экзот was brought to territories of the United States

the History of removal of breed

Ancestors of exotic short-haired cats are representatives of the Persian breed and American short-haired. Initially experts were not going to remove new breed, and only wished to improve skeleton of the short-haired American and to add several new colors to her habitual color.

But the received result repeatedly surpassed their expectations. The kittens born from the union of the American cat and Persian received the weighted frame with dense paws, unusual soft wool, the huge surprised eyes and magnificent character. Absolutely new cat breed was so accidentally received. The exotic cat in 60 years of the XX century was officially registered, and he differed from the ancestors not only in appearance, but also character.

In spite of the fact that the initial task of selectors was not carried out, to the unusual opening they not strongly were upset and decided to continue experiments with the Persian cats. Now began to participate in the subsequent knittings the British short-haired, Burmese and Russian blue. But in several years selectors understood that for receiving exotic cats enough the American and Persian pets. After the gene of a korotkosherstnost was fixed, allowed to cross an exotic cat only to the Persian cats.

The special popularity was won by Snupi's cat thanks to the unusual, pretty appearance and the hostess who published the picture of the favourite in network. Initially the hostess Snupi was shocked by a huge number of likes, but soon she began to popularize purposefully the ekzot, publishing more and more it photos.

The multimillion army of admirers which can brag charming and amusing Chinese экзот of Snupi continues to grow to this day. The touching look of golden eyes, an expressive, intelligent attractive face and unusual appearance cannot leave anybody indifferent.

Plush Pets — Cats of Breed Ekzot
the Exotic short-haired cat is externally very similar to a lovely plush toy and is capable to fascinate any человека

Внешний a look and the adopted standard

The standard of this cat breed since the end of last century does not change, and general characteristics are identical with the Persian cats, the difference consists only in length and quality of wool.

Short-haired экзотик has to possess a large, massive constitution, shortish and powerful paws. Frame at the short-haired ekzot brawny and roundish, a thorax wide, the lumbar department developed a tail thick, rather short, with a little rounded off tip.

The head is rather massive, rounded shape, ears small, low put, accurate. The muzzle is flat, shortened, with characteristic signs of the Persian cats. Eyes are big, rounded shape, a speaking glance and surprised. The nose is pressed and is located in a lower eyelid or between eyes.

It should be noted also that all changes in the standard of the Persian cat breed are automatically made also in the standard of short-haired exotic cats.

Plush Pets — Cats of Breed Ekzot

Not only the appearance of cats of this breed, but also wool is unusual. In comparison with the Persian cats, wool of ekzot is much shorter, but is at the same time longer, than at the American. Its softness and density (nabitost) is considered distinctive features of a woolen cover of exotic short-haired cats. The touch to the pet's wool in feelings is similar to touch to a plush soft toy.

As for a color, for exotic short-haired all coloring, as are available to the Persian. The final color as with age color of wool can exchange is unusual for a kitten of the ekzot at the birth.

It is possible to carry a continuous black, red, chocolate, blue, lilac, cream (light-beige), red and snow-white color to basic colors of a short-haired exotic cat. Spots and marks are not allowed. Eyes happen a red, copper or deep orange shade.

To one of the unusual coloring characteristic only for ekzot, a peculiar combination of a black and red, or blue and cream main color is. The tortoise color can be combined with cream and chocolate or lilac with cream. Individuals meet a tabba color, bicolor, a chinchilla and калико.

Character of exotic short-haired cats

Cats are capable to become true friends to the owner and all family members. Kittens of ekzot very restless, loveful, playful, playful and active. Despite restless character, exotic short-haired will not bring upon owners a lot of trouble and will prefer to entertainments quiet and silent games with the toys offered them.

Kittens of ekzot adore caress and attention from the owner . Despite friendliness, exotic cats treat small children very watchfully. Cats do not like to play with them, and from persuasive games of children prefer to hide, without showing to them absolutely any interest.

Short-haired exotic cats are unaffected by strangers very and proudly. They unwillingly allow to iron themselves and to caress. Ekzota like to show that they are owners in the house.

Felinologists distinguish from other important advantages of exotic short-haired cats also their uncommon mind and also strong affection for members of household. Cats of this breed very thinly feel an emotional condition of the owner and is very gentle, warmly treat it. Females of an ekzota always surround the kittens with care and love.

Plush Pets — Cats of Breed Ekzot

Health and hereditary diseases

This breed is really unique, but as well as the majority of the thoroughbred cats received as a result of an experiment, exotic pets are inclined to some genetic diseases:

  • obesity;
  • problems with a respiratory system;
  • renal diseases;
  • ophthalmologic diseases;
  • problems with a cardiovascular system.

To similar diseases have tendency not only exotic cats, but also other thoroughbred cats. For this reason the alleged owner should not refuse acquisition of a pretty kitten of the ekzot because of his predisposition to above-mentioned illnesses. Competent leaving, routine inspections at the veterinarian, standard physical activities and the balanced diet will become a reliable guarantee of long and happy life of the charming pet.

Plush Pets — Cats of Breed Ekzot

of Feature of leaving and maintenance

In comparison with the direct relatives – the Persian cats, short-haired exotic do not demand such careful leaving. Plush wool of the pretty pet does not need daily combing therefore 2-3 times a month a special brush will enough comb out it. Water procedures can be carried out only as required and to use dry shampoo for cleaning of a hair of the ekzot.

The pet's eyes often water therefore it is necessary to provide care of them. It is desirable for kittens of the ekzot to wipe tears by means of a tampon from a gauze.

The cat needs to provide also a tray in which filler it is necessary to change regularly, a kogtetochka, the individual place (a lodge or a plank bed), various toys with plumelets, balls, mice.

As for a diet of an exotic short-haired cat, it has to be balanced and nutritious. In food amusing pets are not choosy. In order to avoid emergence of problems like obesity food if necessary needs to be adjusted.

Industrial dry or tinned feeds, natural food equally well are suitable for feeding of exotic short-haired cats. When choosing the second option of feeding it is necessary to add meat, cottage cheese, low-fat sour cream, eggs and milk to a diet of an exotic cat. As a rule, do not suffer from intolerance of lactose of an ekzota.

It is desirable to accustom from early age a kitten to healthy nutrition and not to overfeed him at all, to give small portions of food. It is also necessary to allocate for the pet's bowl the special place, to disaccustom a cat to begging and theft of master's food from a table.

The wrong feeding of the ekzot can lead not only to obesity, but also to a serious poisoning of a pet. It is desirable to add to a diet and vitamin fertilizing.

When choosing an industrial forage it is worth giving preference to the checked brands and to choose a product, proceeding from age and specific features of an organism. Portions of a dry feed pay off much more simply unlike natural food, and it is not recommended to feed an exotic short-haired cat in breaks between the main meals. At the same time it is necessary to watch that the pet always had free access to a bowl with clear drinking water.

Exotic cats have no aggression and embitternment. They never revenge, quickly forgive owners, sincerely love them, and soon become the real family members.

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