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Exist different types of cats, each of which differs practically in everything: appearance, life expectancy, leaving, etc. Besides, it is necessary to understand that each breed of a cat possesses not only pluses, but also minuses. The most problematic issue concerning thoroughbred pets are their diseases which overtake animals because of their artificially removed breeds.

the Most problematic issue concerning thoroughbred pets are their diseases which overtake animals because of them artificially removed пород.

Рассмотрим the most known cat breeds which by right are considered as leaders today.

Exotic breed

The exotic cat treats short-haired and is artificially removed breed. First of all it is necessary to mention that ekzota in the nature and external data are very similar to the Persian breed. However they differ in some features of character and, of course, life expectancy. There live ekzota more than 15 years that is a record among thoroughbred animals.

If to speak about appearance, then of an ekzota have strong and thickset structure of a body . But the animal at the same time is very compact, having the big round head and huge expressive eyes. They have pronounced chubby cheeks and small ears which are directed forward, inclining over a muzzle a little. A nose very short and slightly snub-nosed with the big expressed section. In narrower circles the exotic cat is called "Persian for idlers" as she is very similar on external signs, but, unlike the second, does not demand special care of wool.

If to speak about wool, then it is considered the main attribute of the ekzot. Wool at a cat rather short, her size can reach at most 2 cm, but at the same time it has strong density and similarity with plush toys at touch. If to speak about popularity, then today the exotic cat, thanks to the touching look, is one of the most popular breeds around the world.

the Exotic cat treats short-haired and is artificially removed breed.

In the nature of ekzot is absent any hints on aggression or discontent at all. On the contrary, they very gentle and quiet. They extremely curious and are practically afraid of nothing therefore dogs or other cats for them will not be a problem. On the nature ekzota even at mature age will resemble little kittens – as well as cubs, will like to play and idle. But, unlike other breeds, the exotic cat practically does not mew .

It does not mean that it is possible to leave it for a long time, without hearing plaintive shouts, on the contrary, ekzota very much are afraid of loneliness. It quickly enough will become clear as the cat will strongly become attached to the owner literally for several days and will try not to move a step from him. If to speak about the nature of behavior of the pet, then it is possible to tell that it is more similar to dog. It will observe huge manifestation of love and eternal devotion. Considering that ekzota are very quiet and have stability in character, they will be ideal option as room animals.

Persian мурка

Персидская murka

The Persian cat treats long-haired and is one of the oldest breeds in the world, known to mankind.

The appearance of the Persian is very interesting. It has the brought-down body which increases in the diameter to the center of a breast a little. A torso at a cat massive and very fluffy, it can differ in color (lighter of tone). Paws are shortish, reinforced. Small pillows are big, and the print of a paw can remind a circle. Neck quite short and wide. The head is small, but very fluffy. Eyes expressive also have a round section.

Nadbrovny folds of skin because of which wool can gather lumps are observed (because of features of the building). The nose is roundish, small and snub-nosed, with an expressive section. The cat has rare, but quite long moustaches. Ears are small, in a form remind a triangle, are slightly inclined to a front part and twirled inside. Perce has magnificent, beautiful and very fluffy tail. animal Hair quite long – up to 12 cm. The animal can reach weight to 8 kg.

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If to speak about shortcomings of such breed, then the animal has problems with eyes, breath and wool. First, the Persian's eyes constantly water that forces a cat to feel discomfort. Secondly, because of the special structure of airways and a nose the cat has difficulties at breath that often involves the general slackness. If to speak about wool, then it has various length on different parts of the body.

The character of the Persian cat does not allow it to be outside the house or the apartment. The matter is that Persians on the nature too tender, kind and gentle animals who are not ready to severe living conditions on the street at all. Any conflict with a counter cat or a dog can enter the Persian into a serious stressful state.

the Persian cat very much trusts the owner and will follow him everywhere, presenting him with love, caress and attention. She is also very quiet and will hardly often mew. If the cat demands attention, then she will actively not show it, and will only sit down near the person and will begin to look fixedly to it in the face. Considering that the structure of a body and airways of a cat do not give her special freedom in activity, she will often lie on a sofa or just to go on the apartment. Despite it, the Persian can sometimes play and for hours will chase a candy wrapper.

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Breed Maine Coon

A Maine Coon – special breed which belongs to native species of cats of the USA. It occurred from animals who lived in the State of Maine in the north of America. As historians assume, the breed received the name because of big similarity with a raccoon. Animals have similar color of wool, a strong body and a long fluffy tail.

The cat differs in the special building and appearance which was created in a final form thanks to severe winter conditions. In general all appearance demonstrates that the animal is a predator on the nature. The cat has very big auricles which are necessary for detection of the bringing closer danger and orientation in space, huge eyes and not the smallest nose.

Popular Species of Cats

Мейн-кун is considered quite large cat: the weight of a male can reach 13 kg, and a female – 8 kg. Besides, animals differ in large paws, large ears with brushes on the ends (from wool), a narrow section of eyes and specific as calls in the people, a severe look.

But if to speak about a physiognomy of a cat, then in this case the appearance will not correspond very to character – Maine Coons very kind and show friendliness. They need to pay much attention: to communicate with them, to play, iron. Unlike the majority of breeds, aborigensky cats are awake the most part of time. They are distinguished by some feature when walking: animals do not show the teeth at movement.

Maine Coons are considered as one of the most active cat breeds as they will not sit in place. Cats differ in courage and persistence therefore at a meeting with other representatives of animals will feel safe. It is important to know that Maine Coons are considered as one of the cleverest cat breeds as they some of the few who can be trained.

Popular Species of Cats

of the Cat ragdoll

The ragdoll treats long-haired breed. If to translate literally this name, then it will sound as "a rag doll". This breed was removed in the sixties and, one may say, absolutely accidentally. In external data the ragdoll is very similar to the Burmese cat, but the first possesses more broad chest and a massive back part of a trunk.

Regdol by right is considered one of the largest breeds. Thus, adult males can reach in the weight of 14 kg, and their length is capable to be to 1.2 m. Females easier, but not much more: adult individuals weigh about 10-12 kg. The head of the average sizes, a muzzle round, the chin is well developed. Cheeks at a cat massive, a nose small and short (usually disperses in width). Eyes very expressive and big, in a form remind an oval. The muzzle and a neck of a ragdoll are surrounded by a beautiful fluffy collar. Ears of a cat of the average sizes, at the basis quite wide, on the ends of rounded shape (not sharp). The body is strong, massive, long. The cat has quite big and strong extremities, as well as paws which round shape and differ in small bunches of wool between fingers. Tail of average length, but very fluffy. ragdoll Hair long, the increased density.


Many consider that ragdolls have the same character, as well as "a rag doll". But you should not exaggerate so, this breed quite proud. Despite it if the cat gets on hands to the person, then she completely will relax and will become soft. She can lie in such pose which even did not dream other murka. It becomes only in order that the owner did not let go it. But, unfortunately, this feature of a cat does it vulnerable when falling as it can correctly not manage to land.

By the way for this reason such cats are not recommended to get if in the house there are small children. For the reason that the cat very pliable also has a high pain threshold, she can not feel the trauma got from the child.

Regdoll needs constant communication. If to take an animal on hands, then it will forget that it surrounds it as ragdolls love the owners above all. This breed differs in kindness and unpretentiousness. If not to pay sufficient attention to a cat or to bring other pets, then she will never show the discontent or to do some dirty tricks.

It is required to note that the main difference of a ragdoll from the majority of breeds is the infallible memory and sharp mind. This just that breed which as well as a Maine Coon, gives in to training. The cat will almost instantly remember the name, the location of a tray and a bowl. She can understand intonation of the person, his mood with ease and subsequently proceeding from it behave differently.

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Summing up the results, it is possible to tell that cats whose popular breeds have the features enjoy wide popularity of people. In spite of the fact that, unfortunately, most of noble pets have chronic diseases, they quietly live and rejoice to every day.

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