• Feb 13, 2018

Big harm to the house is done by pranks of pets therefore the kogtetochka is necessary. It any owner can make with own hands. It will save from such unpleasant moments as rubdown of furniture, wall-paper. Cats got used that they need to sharpen claws, and do it in any suitable situation. It is impossible to forbid them this action, but it is possible to secure the house, and the kogtetochka for cats will help to save the situation.

Production of a Kogtetochka for Cats the Hands
Cats got used that they need to sharpen claws, and do it in any suitable situation

Where to take a sharpener for claws

It is possible to choose the line of least resistance and to get a sharpener in pet-shop. They are the different height and situation. If after all the sharpener is got in shop, then previously it needs to be aired and saved from a smell.

And it is possible to make a house product with own hands. On it time will be required, but the family budget will be kept. by to Make a sharpener in house conditions very simply, for this purpose needs to know only a number of requirements which are imposed to such cat's attribute.

That to an animal it was comfortable to be near a product and to play with it, it has to be steady. During sharpening of claws the animal with all force will lean on a kogtetochka and can turn, be frightened of it. After such incident the cat, most likely, will never approach adaptation which forced it to feel fear and discomfort.

Level of stability has to be proportional to the weight and strength of an animal, and the sizes select under each cat separately. To understand whether there will be steady a kogtetochka for a cat, it is necessary to study for a start the scheme of a location and only then to get to work. The sharpener for claws has to be small and compact and also durable. The animal will try to spoil very much its appearance and to undermine the claws. If the cat very strongly scratches a sharpener, further will be accepted to furniture. The wrong kogtetochka will not carry out a mission of sharpening of claws from a tree.

Production of a Kogtetochka for Cats the Hands
to Make a sharpener in house conditions very simply

Important characteristics of a product

The sharpener for claws has to be beautiful, approach under an interior of the apartment and furniture. It has to stand in the place which is fallen in love to the pet. And, most likely, he will choose that site of the apartment which is on a public inspection. Furniture for sharpening of claws needs to be put near that product which the cat wants to scratch. So, it just will not reach a case, a sofa or a chair, having stopped near a sharpener which will draw its attention.

The product has to be always in the available place, it is unknown when the cat wants to scratch the claws. You should not remove a support as disappearance of a favourite toy will cause in it a stress. The sharpener has to be convenient, and at its production it is necessary to consider all features of behavior of a cat. It is necessary to notice in what situation he most often sharpens claws: in vertical or horizontal.

The cat's subject has to be nice on the touch. At an animal claws should not get stuck in it, so it can injure paws.

Color of a toy for an animal can be any therefore the owner can choose this parameter on the discretion. It is possible to hang up favourite entertainments of a cat on a sharpener. They will draw its attention at first, helping an animal to adapt to such cat's accessory.

of Kogtetochk the hands (video)

material Preparation

For a sharpener it is necessary to choose a dense core, it also will be a basis and also good obivochny stuff about which the cat will be able to sharpen claws. That it was convenient to it to do this procedure, it is necessary to choose dense and strong fabric: it should not be peeled and change easily appearance, but at the same time excessively dense can cause damage of a claw.

Material for sharpening of claws has to be a little rough, that cat's paws easily clung and at the same time did not get stuck in fabric. Materials for a kogtetochka should not be electrified, at contact with wool synthetic fabrics have property to get a charge and to beat an animal with current. Such effect can turn a cat into panic, and he will refuse to use a sharpener.

Production of a Kogtetochka for Cats the Hands

To manufacture the hands such device as a kogtetochka for a cat, it is necessary to find the suitable drawing and to follow it. The scheme has to be thought over to trifles.

For production of a sharpener use natural fabrics which do not bear in themselves electric charge. Wood, burlap, a rope, a rope from carpets, a thick woolen cloth, corrugated fibreboard perfectly will be suitable for the scratching cat. Kogtetochk's should not consist of metal spare parts as they can be electrified at contact with wool too.

It is the most convenient to do a wooden sharpener, it will remind a cat a tree trunk. For creation of a support it is necessary to take a dense tree, the trunk from a birch or coniferous trees perfectly will approach. Before doing a sharpener for claws, material needs to be aired. For a wooden sharpener choose a trunk without knots, and length of this subject has to be not lower than growth of an animal.

Production of a Kogtetochka for Cats the Hands

Criteria for selection of a product

Cats with smooth wool lead very much active lifestyle, like to climb trees and to cling claws. For them the sharpener can be done of thin branches which are supplied with bark. Fluffy cats are less active and more phlegmatic. The high activity is unusual for them and the aspiration to a lasagna on branches is alien. For such cats it is necessary to make a steady sharpener with the platform for rest.

You should not have a product near the place for a dream. is important For a cat safety of the dwelling , and he will not suffer near a lodge of excess objects. Such arrangement will cause concern in a cat, most likely, he will leave from such complex far away.

An exception are cats of wild breeds. The complex in which there will be a house and a sharpener quite will arrange a Siamese, Bengalese, Abyssinian cat. They live in the nature on trees and therefore such close location of two favourite places for them is norm. Experts advise to make a stove bench and the platform for survey on a column. It has to be rather branched to give the chance to an animal to move on a kogtetochka. If there is no opportunity to buy a wooden column, then it is possible to build such tree from cardboard tubules.

Production of a Kogtetochka for Cats the Hands

Different options

It is very easy to construct a kogtedyorka of cardboard, but a lot of time for this purpose will be required. For a start it is necessary to get strips from cardboard and to stick together them among themselves in a necessary order. It is possible to connect them in the form of strips or to twist and receive a column as a result of a straight line. Further it is necessary to screw on this framework a thread for sharpening of claws and to establish on the basis. The product should be dried up and presented to the pet.

it is very simple to Make an angular sharpener for claws. for this purpose needs to work step by step. Production of cat's attribute will require the minimum tool kit and materials: 2 wooden boards, a rope and strips from fabric. Curls of a winding need to be glued so that both parties were covered. After the cat rather strongly peels a front surface of a kogtedralka, it can be turned out and used on the other hand therefore the made sharpener will serve very long.

At edges of boards it is necessary to arrange an edge from wool or pile which will help a cat to clean 3 pads, and 1 extremity he will cling to an edge, controlling position of a body. The cat will ignore dirty furniture for sharpening of claws. It is necessary to fix such tsarapk for cats not to a floor, so the product will prevent cleaning and to be smeared.

At the same time the device for sharpening of claws has to be not too highly that the animal reached it a hinder leg. As for когтеточек for a kitten, they have to be located below and to be in free access. For the kid it is possible to make adaptation of less dense material, it will peel it with much smaller force, than an adult cat.

How to accustom a kitten to a kogtetochka (video)

the Sharpener on a wall

So, in production of a kogtetochka the hands and the step-by-step instruction will help not to become puzzled with an algorithm of actions. The construction can be made in the form of a board on a wall. Such tsarapk are suitable for those animals who fanatically peel wall-paper in the same place. It is known that such behavior arises because of mentality of an animal, but as nobody will conduct a cat to the psychologist, a chesalka for claws – the only option of rescue of the apartment.

For lazy cats it is recommended to build horizontal sharpeners for claws. For a construction it will be required to take a board and to paste over it with rope thread. Such attribute for cat's manicure has to be located at a small angle. In that case the cat will be able to lie on a sharpener as on a stove bench, and to sharpen claws as necessary.

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