• May 21, 2019

that purring of a cat is an instrument of management of the owner. In particular, this vibration allows pets to achieve that the person fed them. Article with results of researches was published in the Current Biology edition. In ScienceNOW news agency its summary is published.

Purring of a Cat Instrument of Management of the Owner

The staff of the University of Sussex began to be interested in cat's purring, being guided by personal experience. They began to write down on a dictophone sounds which are published cats during the day and in the mornings . In total scientists carried out the analysis of sounding of 10 pets in different life situations.

According to results of research, sounds which are made by hungry cats in the mornings are more "exacting". It is expressed by the sounding frequency (220−520 Hz). Average frequency amplitude of cat's purring — 27 Hz.

Purring of a Cat in the Mornings

Authors of a research believe that cats thereby:

  • make impact on natural instincts of the person ;
  • show the love .

of Observation of experts showed that cats can integrate the frequencies similar to the frequency of shout of the human child into the purring. As a result the human body receives impulses at the subconscious level which cause desire to feed an animal.

Reaction of a Cat to Caress

Researches allow to draw conclusions that the "crying" introduced by cats in the sounds begins to amplify, if the pet wants to eat .

during the work experts applied

special ON and sensitive microphones.

Organizers of a research consider that results of their work confirm opinion that cats literally train people, adapting them for the requirements.

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