• Apr 6, 2019

the Hairstyle of cats has many opponents and supporters. The first are revolted with ill-treatment of beautiful wool, the second consider that it is convenient. Therefore often there is a question to the groomer: whether it is possible to cut cats. And the expert, as a rule, advises to ask a cat.

Whether It Is Necessary to Cut Cats

It is not a joke. of the Cat — animals with very gentle mentality if they do not accept themselves without fur, then can be depressed. If the cat after a hairstyle hides on corners, he cannot carry out the similar procedure. And there are cats who absolutely normally accept hairstyles. In that case with quiet conscience and without prejudice to the pet it is possible to cut him. But you should not subject him to regular similar procedures.

Thanks to a hairstyle is easy to look after wool (enough to wipe with wet towel wipes from microfiber) and to care for a condition of skin and also, of course, it looks a time advantageously.

If there is no experience in a hairstyle of animals, it is necessary to entrust a cat to the expert. Cat's skin gentle and thin, and it is very easy to cut it. Is important search of the hairdresser which has experience and is capable to find competent approach to these pets.

Hairstyle of Cats in Zoosalon

The fact that the person is a remarkable "dog" expert means nothing. The good cat's groomer is the one who knows, loves and respects cats. Such hairdresser:

  • Never will use force.
  • Will not raise a voice.
  • It will not be rough with fluffy creation.

As It Is Correct to Cut Cats

it is not necessary to be afraid when the groomer suggests to wrap up the cat's head a towel — it will allow to isolate a cat from the events. It often helps and calms an animal. Unfortunately, few groomers are familiar with cat's mentality.

Often veterinary offices offer service in hairstyles for cats so it is necessary to ask at first the checked veterinarian — can be, he will be able to help.

Hairstyle of Cats under an Anasteziya

the Hairstyle under anesthesia is quickly and simply , and the procedure will not become a stress for the pet. However there is a huge shortcoming — an anesthesia, as well as any pharmacological means, is harmful, and you should not give it without the reason. Now the different types of an anesthesia working very short time then the animal already in a few minutes comes back to consciousness are presented at the market. Nevertheless there is no wonderful and harmless substance for these purposes just.

That could use an anesthesia, the cat has to be healthy, have healthy kidneys and a liver. It must be kept in mind that such anesthesia can be dangerous and lead to deterioration in health, and in certain cases even cause death. Therefore go on it only in extreme cases.

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