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Cat breed a ragdoll – the semi-long-haired cats brought in the USA. Surprising feature of these cats – ability to completely relax body muscles, like a rag doll.

 Cat of breed ragdoll of a photo

On a photo: cat of breed ragdoll. Photo: wikimedia.org


Need for communication
Friendliness to children
Loyalty to other pets
of Golosistos
Ease in leaving
Information on breed

Origin of the USA
Group on wool Long-haired
Life expectancy of a cat ragdoll of 11 — 15 years
of Feature is Very affectionate
Weight of a cat ragdoll Up to 9 kg
to Whom suits For big family
cat breed History ragdoll

Cat breed history the ragdoll begins in California (USA) where they were brought as a result of crossing of the Burmese cats and white Angora. However experts still argue on origin of breed, claiming that not purebred individuals also participated in removal.

Such mixture presented to the world surprising breed, one of which distinctive features – ability to completely relax body muscles. The name of breed, actually, is also connected with this feature. When the cat of breed a ragdoll appears in hands of the person, she becomes sluggish and soft, like a rag doll. For this reason the breed received the name "Ragdoll".

Right at the beginning the ragdoll controlled development of cat breed only one manufacturer monopolizing the right for sale of kittens.

The middle of the 60th years of the 20th century became significant in the history of breed: cats a ragdoll were allowed to participation in exhibitions. In Great Britain cats a ragdoll appeared in the eighties the XX centuries and were recognized as independent breed in 1983. However cats of breed a ragdoll are still not too popular outside the historical homeland.

 Cat ragdoll of a photo

On a photo: cat ragdoll. Photo: pixabay.com

Ragdoll: description of cat breed

According to the description of breed, a ragdoll – the large cat differing in a strong constitution. The weight of an adult cat can reach 9 kg. Females less large and massive, than males.

At a ragdoll a massive trunk, a thick and short neck, a broad chest, powerful shoulders, a heavy back part, soft and a pot-belly.

Legs are strong, average length, hind legs are a little longer than lobbies. Paws of a cat a ragdoll large, round, between fingers – wool bunches.

According to the description of breed a ragdoll, the tail at these cats fluffy and long, by the end is a little narrowed.

The head of a cat the ragdoll has the form of a wedge, the average size, contours soft. Cheeks are full, a chin roundish. The nose of average length has a small hump. Middle ears in size, the tips which are rounded off are decorated with brushes.

According to the description of breed of a cat a ragdoll, eyes at them an oval form, big, very expressive, bright blue color.

The description of cat breed the ragdoll defines also quality of wool. Hair of a cat ragdoll dense, very long and silky. Especially long wool on a stomach and a breast, and on a neck – "collar". In the summer the ragdoll intensively fades.

Colour of a cat of breed ragdoll

The description of breed defines also a color of cats рэдголл. The color of cats рэдголл happens 3 types:

  • Kolorpoynt (mark of different color). Color of wool on all length has the same shade. Marks on a tail, legs, a muzzle and ears are more dark than the main color of wool of a redgoll. Marks can be lilac, blue, chocolate or dark brown. The chin and a breast have a color is lighter than the basic.
  • Two-color. Feature of this color of cats рэдголл that legs, a stomach and a breast purely - white, and the muzzle, ears and a tail have a contrast color: lilac, blue, chocolate or dark brown. On a muzzle – a white mark in the form of the turned letter V. Also white small specks can decorate the main surface of a trunk.
  • With white paws. This color of cats a ragdoll differs from a color колорпойнт in existence of a white strip which lasts between front extremities from a breast to a tail on a stomach. Paws, both back, and lobbies, decorate accurately designated and symmetric white "socks" on which there should not be color spots.
Marks at kittens of ragdolls appear at the age of 1 week.
 Ragdoll cat close up of a photo

On a photo: ragdoll. Photo: pixabay.com

Character of cats of breed ragdoll

The character of cats of breed a ragdoll is distinguished by friendliness, playfulness and tender temper.

Cats a ragdoll on character are very trustful and devoted, very obedient, affectionate and entirely depend on owners. "The bad behavior" is not peculiar to them.

the Feature of breed that when the owner takes the pet on hands, that it is weakened droops.

These cats are quite clever. And the combination of mind and quiet character makes them extraordinary trained.

Typical "look" of a cat of breed a ragdoll – sweet and friendly.

On character a ragdoll – absolutely not a conflict being. They perfectly get on with other animals and find a common language with any person. They adapt to new conditions also easily.

Also cats of breed a ragdoll are patient in relation to children.

 the Cat of breed the ragdoll licks lips a photo

On a photo: cat of breed ragdoll. Photo: pixabay.com

Leaving and keeping of a cat ragdoll

In general leaving and keeping of cats the ragdoll does not differ from care of other cats. However there are features which need to be considered.

Cats of breed a ragdoll are quite hardy. However there is an opinion that cats of breed a ragdoll are insensitive to pain because of what they can be careless and be injured. For this reason they more than other cats need care and attention from the owner.

An important part of care of a cat a ragdoll – maintenance as wool. Silky and magnificent hair of a ragdoll needs to be combed out every day. In the beginning the crest with rare teeths, and then – a brush with a long bristle is used.

For the rest ragdolls do not differ from other cats. As well as all relatives, to them need qualitative food, a tray with pure filler, toys, a kogtetochka, the convenient location for rest and a dream and also love from the owner.

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