• Oct 28, 2019

you for certain thought of making the fluffy friend who with devotion and love would expect you every day from work would give the caress and tenderness. In the world cat's there are such loyal friends. We prepared for you the list of breeds of cats whom it is possible to call the real homebodies.


Real homebodies: 5 cat breeds which do not aspire on the street and do not demand walking

Perfectly are suitable for contents in the apartment. These are the thermophilic animals who are not adapted for life on the street. These bald cats possess the developed muscles. Allocate 3 types of breed a sphinx:

  • Canadian – cats of the average size differ in the wrinkled skin covered with light down, huge ears locators and big slanting eyes;
  • Don – is more than other sphinxes by the size, ears with the rounded-off tips, with slanting medium-sized eyes, with small folds;
  • St. Petersburg – the distinguished representative of this breed: thin and long extremities, the large pointed ears, soft skin and mindaleobrazny green or blue eyes.

Despite a strange look, cats of this breed differ in tender and obedient temper, perfectly get on with children. Are hypoallergenic breed (due to the lack of wool). On character they curious, clever, cheerful and very devoted animals. Like to sleep with the owner. The feature of leaving – daily wiping of skin between folds to watch a condition of eyes and ears. These cats adore water procedures. It is also important to watch their food: sphinxes have excellent appetite.

Siamese cat

Real homebodies: 5 cat breeds which do not aspire on the street and do not demand walking

They have unique and attractive appearance, a big range of colors and also beautiful bright blue eyes. On character they are capricious, clever, inquisitive, playful, and also devoted. These are very sociable and talkative cats. They thinly feel the emotional atmosphere of the house, can even get sick because of an intense psychological situation. The character of a cat will depend on education: the atmosphere of love and tranquility because these cats are vindictive is important, can show aggression in relation to the offender. It is important to contain in heat, they have no underfur. Siama very clean, dependent on attention of the person.

Abyssinian cat

Real homebodies: 5 cat breeds which do not aspire on the street and do not demand walking

A short-haired, graceful and distinguished cat with vigorous character. Is suitable for contents in big apartments or private houses more. On character friendly, clever, well get on with other animals (but only not with rodents, instinctively they will be hunts them). Abyssinians need to have a home in the house where they will store the toys and to be provided to themselves. Allocate 4 types of a color: wild – shades of ochre and a black tiking prevail (a special color of a hair with alternation of strips of different shades); red or соррель – rich reddish and copper color with a brown underfur; blue – gray with a tiking of light blue shades; a faun – brown color with a beige underfur. When leaving special attention should be paid to ears and teeth. It is worth to remember, Abyssinians thermophilic: it is necessary to maintain temperature not lower than 23 degrees.

Persian cat

Real homebodies: 5 cat breeds which do not aspire on the street and do not demand walking

They are quiet, counterbalanced on character, find a common language with children, very strongly become attached to the owner. Persians it is usually not heard, draw attention with a look, also very curious and happen playful. Are not aggressive, just avoid contacts with those who did not please them. Many types on a color and also types in a shape of a nose differ: extreme (strongly flat nose), extended (slightly hitched up) and modern. The most important in leaving – carefully to watch a condition of wool: daily combing, a washing with use of special shampoo for long-haired not less once a month. The Persian is not suitable for a role of a street cat and the hunter of mice in any way: it is only capable to live with people and to get love.


Real homebodies: 5 cat breeds which do not aspire on the street and do not demand walking

Externally they have an unusual alien look. On a color have a set of flowers and shades. At these cats the devotion can border on dependence therefore it is better to take it a kitten. Very sociable and talkative cats. Feel mood of the owner: will be fine antidepressants. Love children, are ready to play with them long. Still oriyentala differ in mobility and inquisitiveness therefore it is important to bring up them. In education to explain with rather firm and strict voice what cannot be done, physical impact can affect character and mental health of a cat. In leaving to pay special attention to cleaning of auricles (at least few times in a month) and also a hairstyle of claws. These representatives cat's typical homebodies who are in great need in communication.

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