• May 17, 2019

Veterinarians, groomers and producers of pet goods unanimously convince owners that domestic cats need to be bathed. Stories about worms, bacteria, fleas and other enemies of family health are multiplied in Networks as mushrooms after a rain. But whether cats need water procedures actually — very controversial issue.

Whether Cats Need Water Procedures

In the wild nature

Masking is extremely important for a predator which hunts from an ambush and leads a single life. And the speech not only about ability to merge with a landscape — animals rely a thicket on a scent. Therefore cats think of purity of wool so much, licking a fur coat daily.

Rough language easily removes any dirt from the smooth, covered with a special fatty layer strands of wood. And the fur coat perfectly pushes away litter and moisture.

In the wild nature vast majority of cats to the last avoid soaking for the following reasons:

  • dust sticks stronger;
  • wool smells all around;
  • the wet fur coat loses valuable self-cleaning effect.

And still the animal long dries, he needs to remain motionless carefully to be licked and to extend without that a strong smell. Dogs can run about, having exposed patrol, but to a loner predator to count there is nobody. Here it is also necessary to sit, having hidden and shivering with cold. And if does not carry at all, on moist skin mushrooms and cocci will begin to be multiplied.

House contents

Rules of Bathing of Cats

The voice of ancestors does not allow room favourites to go on such recklessness therefore also they against water procedures. there is no And need in them any if it is a cat with short wool on house contents. Many manufacturers never for all life bathe animals, and at the same time they look perfectly, receiving high titles at exhibitions.

The breeding livestock is huge investments of forces and means. Be in volume need, manufacturers would bathe the pets though daily. Another matter if the speech about a genetic mutation — a special wool cover demands a different approach:

  • long wool rolls down, clings branches and other litter;
  • dense plush collects dust as a carpet;
  • curly lambs collect the litter which is not allowing a cat to take with tongue to roots too;
  • naked skin sometimes sweats and is salted.

Frequency of Bathing of Cats

Such pets — result of work of selectors , they need special attention. Usually kittens are accustomed to bathing from small claws, gradually and in playful way. For washing use professional or soft children's shampoo and the conditioner. The second option is better, than cheap zoocosmetics. If the cat is healthy and eats properly, enough quarterly procedures.

A separate subject — pets in free walking. It's clear that in rural conditions of an animal it is possible and not to bathe if he did not walk smack in something. And here city, after cellars and garbage containers, it simply is necessary to expiate.

Partly therefore veterinarians recommend to

only house contents within the city. Or it is necessary to accustom the favourite to washing of paws and a stomach — entirely it is impossible to bathe a cat after each walk.

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