• Feb 6, 2020

Character of the Russian blue cat

On character the Russian blue cats — pleasant in communication, mild animals. They are so appeasable that resignedly will allow to put on itself a breast-band or a collar and a lead. Also will go with you to walk (but do not forget about safety of a canine friend). At the same time, in the city apartment they too perfectly adapt to life.
 the description and character of the Russian blue cat of a photo On a photo: Russian blue cat. > of the Photo it is provided to i by nursery of "Lukosan"
the Russian blue cats differ In character in some shyness, however easily learn to find a common language with other animals and children.
the Voice at the Russian blue cats quite silent. The characteristic sounds made by them — purring. Many consider a low voice the only lack of breed — it is not always possible to define when at a cat there came the techka.
the Hunting instinct of the Russian blue cats is extraordinary strong: they can infinitely trap production in an ambush. And the butterfly or a fly can be production. The culmination of hunting is the dizzy jump.
the Russian blue cats appreciate stability therefore on adaptation to new conditions they usually need time. This feature should be considered if you, for example, plan moving.
 a kitten of the Russian blue cat playful a photo On a photo: kitten of the Russian blue cat

As the character of the Russian blue cat affects behavior

the Russian blue cat — the gentle, loving being who is very attached to the owner and to all family members.
Is the excellent friend, very bright and playful. Representatives of breed easily understand how to open a door to the necessary room and can learn to bring the toys thrown by it.
About 2 times a day the Russian blue cat shows hyperactivity.
your favourite will fly To these periods about the room as a plumelet, to overcome obstacles and to fade for a moment only to define the direction of the following prompt jump. It is necessary to reconcile to it.
the Russian blue cats very peculiar express to
the attachment: rub about legs, then rise by back pads, slightly touching you lobbies, again rubs the head and gently purrs.
 the Russian blue cat a photoshoot On a photo: Russian blue cat. > of the Photo it is provided to i by nursery of "Lukosan"
breeds representatives long and selflessly can Purr
, even when stand on one place (for example, on a chair) and rhythmically cross front pads. Expression of a muzzle at the same time very melancholic.

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