• Aug 25, 2019
Pets have

beneficial influence on the owners and help to cope with a stress. Cats were and remain one of the most popular companions of the person. During scientific research it is established that these animals well affect health. The advantage of cats for a male is especially high.

What Advantage of a Cat for a Male

Advice of biologists will help to improve health to all who love fluffy мурлык and believe in their curative abilities.


Experts consider that presence of these animals in the house helps to reduce blood pressure and reduces emergence probability at their owner of diseases of a cardiovascular system. The risk of a heart attack and stroke decreases by 20%, and these diseases are considered as one of the main reasons for premature mortality at men.

Besides, these pets help to restore health in the postinsultny and postinfarction periods.

The cat can prevent heart attack. If the owner is upset, intense or strongly angry, the animal feels his mood and begins to caress, distracting from problems and calming. In such cases it is necessary to relax, try to come into contact with it and to stroke.

These animals well affect not only health, but also life expectancy. As for long-livers, 70% from them were owners of these animals.

It is considered that purring has curative properties. Range of sound influence from 20 to 50 Hz is favorable for strengthening of a bone tissue and improvement of mobility of joints. Range of purring is 27−44 Hz and is in this framework. If every day to listen as the favourite pet purrs, it will bring huge benefit to health and will positively affect immunity.

Stroking helps to reduce arterial blood pressure and to reduce psychological tension. The reason of such positive impact — small electrostatic discharges. Removal of tension leads to relaxation of blood vessels and protects them from spasms.

Excellent insomnia medicine — the animal sleeping near the owner. The sleepy species of a pet and outgoing heat calm and adjust on night rest.

A game with a cat does it the owner cleverer and gathers reaction speed.

Private life

Owners of cats seem to women more attractive. Under an assumption of scientists, they are more tactful and more attentive, than men without pets. This information will be useful to the lonely males who are looking for the second half.

Fluffy murlyk bring happiness in private life. If the man is able to find with them a common language, it will be simpler to it to understand women.

And the main factor — cats promote production of endorphin — happiness hormone which reduces a stress and improves health. Positive emotions — the best remedy!

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