• Feb 6, 2020
a cat!
Scottish Fold of a photo
On a photo: A Scottish Fold from nursery of ZART

Character of a Scottish Fold

the Scottish cats (Scottish Folds) – some of the best partners for life with the person. They are self-sufficient and are not persuasive, on the one hand, and very sociable and are friendly, with another.
If you want
that near you there lived "a boy or the girl from good family", then your choice, certainly, a Scottish Fold!
of Observation of manufacturers: In your absence they behave quietly, it is enough to have several toys in an arsenal and your pet will be busy.
They easily study everything, by the time of moving to the new house the tray and kogtetochka, games with balls and makhalka, etc. are mastered
On temperament is cats sanguine persons. They are counterbalanced, emotional and very much like to communicate with people.
of Observation of manufacturers: If in family there are small children, then these kittens will hide from the kid rather, than will show aggression. And if the kitten grew near the child - it is friends for ever!
Easily get on with other pets, even with dogs.

Description of a Scottish Fold

Everyone can find
the pet to liking, skottish are pryamoukhy (strayta) and lop-eared (folda), long-haired (Highland-strayty and folda) and short-haired (skottish-strayta and folda). And a palette of colors – the widest, on any most exacting taste!
Feature of breed – a visloukhost – is connected with a mutation therefore to receive healthy posterity, one of parents surely has to be pryamoukhy (strayty).
Scottish Folds of the average size. The weight of an adult cat – 3 – 5 kg, cats is slightly larger – 4 – 6 kg.

Care of a Scottish Fold

Care of short-haired cats is very simple. Rather periodically to comb out wool (frequency depends on density of wool and season).
Long-haired versions demand more careful care of wool.
kitten of the Scottish lop-eared breed of a photo
On a photo: A kitten of shotladsky lop-eared breed from nursery of ZART

How to choose a kitten of the Scottish lop-eared breed

When choosing a kitten of this breed "in favourites", first of all, should pay attention to his health. The kitten has to be mobile, playful, with clear, widely open eyes and a mobile tail.
I, of course, the kid has to be pleasant to you and raise happiness smile!

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