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 Scottish Fold

the Scottish lop-eared: description

the Description of a Scottish Fold is reflected by b title=" in standards of breed.

Scottish lop-eared is a cat of the average size and a harmonious, strong constitution. The trunk is graceful, stretched.

Description of a Scottish Fold

Weight of Scottish Folds: 3 – 6 kg.
of the Leg of average length, pad round.

The tail of average length thick at the basis, with the pointed tip.

The neck is short, smoothly passes into a body.

 gray Scottish Fold On a photo: Scottish Fold. Photo: pixabay.com

The head is round, a chin strong, the muzzle which is rounded off.
Nose wide, short.

of an Eye Scottish lop-eared big, round, are put widely. Color of eyes can be any (yellow, amber, emerald, blue), but has to correspond to a color. There are cats to multi-colored eyes.
Characteristic of these cats – ears. They are widely put and put in such a way that the top part closes an ear opening, i.e. hangs down down.
All kittens are born with direct ears. If in certain age 2 – 4 weeks) ears still direct, the cat receives the name скоттиш страйт (the Scottish pryamoukhy).
Most often lop-eared cats is crossed to pryamoukhy to reduce probability at a pomtomstvo of problems with a backbone for which the same gene, as is responsible for a visloukhost. In this case about a half of kittens will be lop-eared, and a half – pryamoukhy.
to minimize future problems with health, when choosing a kitten pay attention to that the tail was mobile, and pads normally functioned.
U short-haired Scottish lop-eared wool dense, short, elastic, to the touch extraordinary soft, adjacent to a body, elastic.
At a long-haired version wool long, silky.

Colour of a Scottish Fold

It is possible to choose Scottish Folds almost for every taste and color. The palette of colors of Scottish Folds is very various:

  • Blue
  • Black
  • White
  • Cream
  • Red
  • Sand
  • Arlekin (the body white, but no more than 1/5 is occupied by marks of other color)
  • Wang (the body white, but is several small marks of other color)
  • Tabbi
  • Spotty
  • Tiger
  • Marble
  • Tortoise
  • Chinchilla and others.

A chocolate and lilac color of a Scottish Fold are not allowed.

the Scottish lop-eared: character

Character of a Scottish Fold soft and balanced, they are very attached to owners and the house, are quite unpretentious. As a rule, these cats choose one person with whom they build up especially trusting relationship and follow him as if a shadow having a tail.
Scottish Folds very much appreciate attention, but at the same time will not begin to be imposed. However if you long there is no house, can start missing. Therefore it is good if there is someone who can keep them the company. It can be also other pet (including a dog) – Scottish Folds easily find a common language with other animals thanks to the friendliness and ability to smooth acute angles.
 Scottish Fold of a photo On a photo: Scottish Fold. Photo: pixabay.com
At Scottish Folds an unusual voice. It is a little creaking, but at the same time quite silent. They "talk" only when to them precisely is what to tell.
If something interests a Scottish Fold, it without effort rises by back pads and can stand long enough so, reminding the surikat. And in the weakened state accept such sophisticated poses that any yogi will envy.
In the childhood on character Scottish Folds extremely playful, manual and curious, well give in to training. And the adult Scottish Fold likes to have a sleep and will not be too active.
it is simple to
to accustom a Scottish Fold To a kogtetochka and a tray therefore they do not bring special trouble upon owners. Accuracy – their undoubted advantage. Besides, they are obedient and quickly acquire rules.
Scottish Folds easily and quickly adapt to new conditions and people. Many note their extraordinary tranquility at exhibitions, vetklinik or in transport.
They not bad get on with children and like to play. However consider that the little kitten will be frightened loud sounds and noise therefore it is better to take the bred kitten in family with children.
Scottish Folds do not show aggression and do not revenge, but ill-treatment of them is unacceptable. In communication with them it is worth maintaining benevolent, patient tone.

the Scottish lop-eared: leaving

Care of a Scottish Fold has features which the owner has to consider.

From first months accustom a kitten to various procedures of care of wool, eyes, ears and teeth. If the kitten gets used to them, you considerably facilitate to yourself life in the future.

Features of care of a Scottish Fold

Care of a Scottish Fold is simple, however there are features which should be considered.

Care of hair of a Scottish Fold

the Short-haired Scottish Fold should be combed 1 – 2 time a week.
 Scottish Fold of a photo On a photo: Scottish Fold. Photo: pixabay.com
Long-haired Scottish Folds demand more careful leaving as their wool can fall down in koltuna. They are combed daily.
can Comb a cat a furminator which reliably deletes the died-off strands of wood.
that the long-haired cat, being licked, can swallow wool, as a result in a stomach the hair lump is formed. That it did not occur, once it gives special paste.
Bathe Scottish Folds of 1 times in 2 months (not more often!). Shampoo is chosen depending on wool type (short or long).

Care of ears of a Scottish Fold

Ears of Scottish Folds require attention as there in large numbers sulfur is formed. Cleaning of ears – the necessary regular procedure (once a week).

Care of eyes of a Scottish Fold

of an Eye to a Scottish Fold wipe with a tampon or a fabric napkin of 1 - 2 time a week.
If you noticed that eyes of a Scottish Fold water – perhaps, it has a stuffy nose, and it is symptom of cold. It is worth addressing the veterinarian.

Care of teeth of a Scottish Fold

to Scottish Folds brush teeth (every day or at least several times a day) special toothpaste and a brush. It is especially important if your cat eats natural food.
 Scottish lop-eared photo On a photo: Scottish Fold. Photo: pixabay.com
Periodically examine a mouth of a cat in time to notice inflammation of gums or a scale. The unpleasant smell from a mouth has to guard. If noticed something suspicious, it is worth addressing the veterinarian.

with What to feed a Scottish Fold?

The Scottish Fold can be fed with natural food, a dry feed or to combine both types of feeding.

Natural feeding of a Scottish Fold

At natural feeding can be given to a Scottish Fold:
  1. Low-fat meat (veal, a rabbit, chicken, a turkey) – crude or boiled, crushed.
  2. Vegetables (crude or boiled): cabbage, pumpkin, carrots, vegetable marrow.
  3. Kashi (buckwheat, rice or oat) or bran.
  4. Linseed, olive or sunflower oil (slightly if desired).
  5. Greens (salad, parsley) – crushed.
  6. Sea fish without bones (boiled) – is not more often than 2 - 3 times a week.
  7. Fermented milk products low-fat (kefir, fermented baked milk, curdled milk, cottage cheese) – daily or every other day.
At natural feeding can be necessary a vitamin and mineral complex, however before buying it, it is worth consulting to the veterinarian.
Cannot feed a cat with pork, mutton, bean, onions and potatoes.

Ready forages for a Scottish Fold

Dry or damp ready feeds save time of the owner and are convenient, however at their choice it is worth following a number of rules:

  1. Surely trace an expiration date.
  2. Attentively read structure. The absence or small amount of meat and a large number of cereals and fats has to guard.
  3. Choose a forage a premium or a super premium class.
Some owners prefer to
to combine a dry feed and natural products , and some consider such feeding harmful.
 lop-eared cat of a photo On a photo: Scottish Fold. Photo: pixabay.com

Principles of feeding of a Scottish Fold

The number of feedings depends on age of a Scottish Fold.

Age of a Scottish Fold
the Number of feedings in day
2 – 4 months
of 5 - 6 times
of 4 - 6 months
4 times
of 6 - 8 months
3 times
8 months Are more senior than
2 times
is better to feed a cat in the morning and in the evening.
Surely provide to
access to clear drinking water and regularly change it (at least 2 times a day).
Products have to be fresh, and a bowl clean.
do not overfeed with
a cat – it will lead to obesity, and it is fraught with diseases.

Health of a Scottish Fold

Average life expectancy of a Scottish Fold – 13 – 15 years. However it is necessary to pay for unusual appearance, and most often – health. The gene which is responsible for a visloukhost "pulls" for itself anomalies of a skeleton. And they can become the reason of severe pains or disability.
Therefore responsibly you approach
the choice of a kitten, attentively examine it. If the tail or pads low-flexible or too rigid, insufficiently mobile, it can testify to a disease. Also too thick or short tail has to guard.
 a cat with green eyes of a photo On a photo: Scottish Fold. Photo: pixabay.com
However, an osteokhondrodisplaziya (this genetic disease so is called) can be shown also at adult age. Symptoms:
  • the Held-down gait.
  • Lameness.
  • Acute reaction on touches to a tail.
Also Scottish Folds have predisposition to the following diseases:
  • Hemophilia (bad coagulability of blood).
  • Cardiovascular.
Surely take care of preventive actions (vaccination, glistogonny, protection against fleas and ticks).
Is desirable (and after 8 years surely) to consult annually with the veterinarian concerning health of your favourite.

Well-known Scottish lop-eared

Scottish Folds in multfima

In the animated film "Carlson Returned" (the USSR, 1970) showed a Scottish Fold Matilda – the alumna Freken Bock.

the Scottish lop-eared cat – one of characters of an anime "Return of a cat".

Famous owners of Scottish Folds

Two Scottish Folds (Olivia Benson and Meredith Gray) live at the famous lover of cats Taylor Swift.
the Russian star of Ler Kudryavtsev is crazy about the Scottish lop-eared cat of Fofy – so that Fofa even got own account in social networks.

One more admirer of Scottish Folds – Ilya Reznik. His favourites are called by Lyalya and Benjamin.

And a Scottish Fold of Anastasia Stotskaya officially call Monica, but for the it Lyusya, or Lyusind.


Need for communication
Friendliness to children
Loyalty to other pets
of Golosistos
Ease in leaving
Information on breed

Origin Great Britain
Group on wool Short-haired and long-haired
Life expectancy of 13 — 15 years
of Feature Additional care of ears
Weight of 3 — 6 kg
to Whom suits For any family

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