• Apr 10, 2019

Most of people prefer not to create to themselves additional problems and are limited to one pet. But how to be to fans of the cat family if in the house already there lives a cat, and near the yard or an entrance someone threw out a small shaggy miracle? It is important to consider needs of each animal and also if in the house several cats, 10 councils for the organization of leaving and food each member of household needs to know.

How to Look After Cats in the House

Hygiene and cat's toilet

The personal hygiene and purity of a toilet are very important for animals. Some of them can not sit down in a tray if it is even slightly filled. Several rules which need to be observed:

Trays for Cats

  • Trays for a toilet has to be more, than animals. At least on one. Such precautionary measure will significantly reduce risk that the cat descends in a toilet in the improper place.
  • It is regularly also necessary to change filler and to wash a tray with special disinfectants. It is better to put it where to an animal it will be comfortable.

Any unpleasant surprises (and not to avoid it, if in the house several cats) need to be removed immediately and carefully. In addition? it is necessary to watch closely that the house did not "grow" with cat's wool. Animals it is regularly necessary to comb out and vacuum all carpets and also their laying.

Undesirable behavior and personal space

Space for Cats in the House

For a start it is important to understand in what the reason of such reaction of an animal is. For example, if the cat goes by a tray, then it can indicate problems with an urinary system. And also should try special goods for cats with pheromones . It will help to reduce aggression among pets.

Cats — creations freedom-loving therefore the personal space for them means much. They quite aggressively protect the territory therefore it is very important that all had enough place. It will be better to make a separate lodge for each of them.

Feeding and new acquaintances

The Correct Care of Cats in the House

If to the house were going to bring one more cat, then acquaintance to other members of household needs to be made gradually. It will allow to avoid the conflicts because of jealousy and protection of the territory. In the beginning it is better to feed and support him in the separate room.

Feeding needs to be made for each animal separately. It is caused by the fact that at each animal the norms and requirements . Water has to be in free access, and it is desirable that everyone had the bowl with liquid.

Medical procedures and precautionary measures

Inspection of domestic cats

Survey at the veterinarian, as well as all animals have to pass preventive procedures, at the same time . It becomes to avoid spread of possible diseases between cats.

That population of cats did not begin to grow in the house promptly, one and all animals need to be castrated or sterilized. And also it is possible to use special medicines not to allow cats "to walk".

in order to avoid problems with the scratched furniture needs to make as much as possible special когтеточек and to place them on all house.

Poisonous plants and household chemicals need to be put out of a zone of access of animals. Cats very much like to chew window plants that to very few people is pleasant. But to avoid poisoning cases, it is better pots with flowers and also household chemicals to put as it is possible above.

You should not carry home each street kitten who met on the way. It needs to provide due consideration and care. And at a large number of pets it is rather difficult.

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