• Nov 16, 2019
Many people who get a cat face

a problem of misunderstanding from its party when the animal flatly refuses to show to you any reciprocal love. In such situation it is necessary to work step by step. There are several cunnings which will help to win the heart even of the most indifferent pet.

Several Simple Methods to Win Love of an Indifferent Cat

Show an initiative to rapprochement

There is an opinion that if a cat not to touch and not to pay attention to her, then she will want it to receive from you. However it not absolutely so. Of course, it is not necessary to squeeze a cat from her first days in the house, so you will beat off desire to any contacts. But at the same time it is necessary to notice an animal at all. Show an initiative. Begin with simple care. Get a good forage, regularly change water in a drinking bowl, remove a tray and at first see off the pet in a toilet. If the cat lay down near you on a sofa or a chair, then slightly stroke him on a forehead, scratch behind an ear. Such small, but very important points pull together the owner and his pet.

Iron the pet correctly

Cats are beings independent. They do not like excessive sloppy sentimentality, and especially when show them without its permission. It is necessary to iron a cat only where she resolves. It is the best of all to scratch behind an ear or to stroke a chin or a forehead, without touching ears. You should not iron a cat so as if you want to rip skin off him. It will not be pleasant to either an animal, or the person. Sometimes the animal itself shows what needs caress. It can approach and slightly butt you the head. Do not rush at once to squeeze the pet, at first stroke him on the head one finger, without sharp movements. If you see what was pleasant to the pet, then you can scratch a chin and a neck. The roughness of a cat is not loved. Over time you will understand what manifestations of love you on temper to the pet, and are accustomed.

Include the hunter

Any representative of the cat family is a hunter by the nature therefore hunting imitation – an important component of rapprochement with the pet. Tie a paper bow or other suitable bait to a thread or a lace, hide behind a sofa, having arranged "production" so that the cat noticed it, and slowly pull a thread on yourself. The cat will be delighted with such "chamber" hunting. It will rush behind the production on all apartment. If you are ready to small injuries, then make "an evil hand" for the pet. But at the same time do not allow it to be fond – if to you it is painful, then show it to the pet (without shouts or physical punishment).

Use delicacies

Food manipulations take place too to be at rapprochement with a cat. First, buy qualitative expensive forage and fill it in a bowl in the small portions. Having filled a full bowl and having forgotten about the pet for all day, you will definitely not achieve its arrangement. Secondly, it is possible to buy useful and tasty treats for cats in pet-shop. Use them when you want to praise the pet for something or to please tasty. Such communication through food very much pulls together, the cat eats at you from hands, and it is the highest degree of trust.


with the pet more often

Games are not less important, than healthy nutrition. Sudden loss of interest in you and surrounding reality can be a consequence of cat's boredom or inaction. Your favourite, most likely, moves a little. Attempts to entertain itself independently quickly bore an animal. You remember that cats are predators. Now present that they test when they do not execute the purpose long time. It is necessary to give to the pet the chance to splash out the accumulated energy: buy a ball from rubber, a toy mouse, a special laser toy and play with the favourite. The cat will be grateful to you in those 10-15 minutes a day which you will devote her. It is quite enough for its discharge and rapprochement with the owner. Your favourite will soon perceive you as real companion, but not as the hand feeding him.

be not enough for

a cat against will

It is wrong to believe that cats do not need personal space. It is necessary for all – both people, and animals. Therefore to be enough a cat when she does not want it, to squeeze, to iron too strongly and so on – it is impossible if you plan to gain trust and love of the pet.

A cat – not the live plush toy, at him is the requirements, character, private life, eventually. And he wants to devote the personal time to the cat's affairs. The fact that you interrupt its plans with sudden outpouring of feelings which are expressed in such manner, rigid and unpleasant for it, will definitely not pull together you. The animal will just cease to trust you, and any approach to itself will perceive of you as threat to own freedom. If the cat wants, she will come and will show what needs caress. Wait for this moment and you remember that the cat wants to derive from embraces pleasure, but not injuries.

Encourage with

good intentions of a cat

It means that for good behavior and an initiative to rapprochement from a cat she should be awarded. For example, if the pet made something well, executed the command or showed to you caress, give him delicacy or scratch behind an ear. Watch the pet. If you see that he is intense, watches you (pupils at the same time are narrowed), then do not touch him. It means that the cat is not ready to contact and intentions her not kind. If you see that after a meal the cat does not hurry to the shelter, and remains near you and quietly mews, takes several steps in your direction, sits near you and washes or turned to you a back, then know that she trusts you. Means, it is necessary to praise somehow it for such rapprochement.

of Any loud sounds and noise

Cats are very sensitive to loud sounds and shouts. They perceive them as threat and danger, and therefore at once try to hide or be protected. Naturally, abuse and shouts will not add trust between you. And business concerns not only increases in a voice directly on the pet. It concerns house scandals between family members too. If it was not succeeded to avoid noise (for example, in the neighboring apartment do repair and rustle, or in the apartment something accidentally broke and created a scandal), then try to show to the pet that everything well and to you it is not necessary to panic. Stroke it, give tasty, talk to it by a quiet voice. Let him know that nothing threatens it.

It is not as simple to win true love of a cat as it seems to much. Each pet – the personality who needs free space and respect. If you do not observe borders, then in reply get mistrust and aggression. But if you take all listed advice, then rapprochement with a cat will not keep itself waiting long. Show patience, and everything will turn out.

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