• Jul 22, 2019

"Should not buy a pig in a poke" — simplest to advise all who are going to shelter the pet. It is actually important to check his state of health and psychomotor abilities, the cat is responsibility throughout all his life. It is possible to make a right choice, having taken advice at the choice of a cat in a shelter.

Councils for the Choice of a Cat in a Shelter

the First steps

Establishing Contact with a Kitten

Not assessment of the most animal, but of the environment in which he grew up has to be the first step in the choice of a kitten. Socialization is the major factor to which it is necessary to pay attention when choosing a cat. In order that the pet could feel normally in the presence of the person, it is necessary to be with him in contact since early years and to inspire that the person is not his enemy.

Kittens begin to learn the world still before their eyes open. If the kitten does not come into contact with people at an early stage of life, the subsequent socialization and the good address will change it slowly — the cat risks forever will remain suspicious and difficult.

However it does not mean that in a case with the cats who grew far from the person already late to count on socialization and it will not turn out. Domestication of such animals lasts longer, but it is not impossible at all.

It is sometimes easy to find out everything about mother of kittens and conditions of their cultivation — it is only necessary to ask about it the owner of a shelter. Once you ask about the future pet trustees, to learn, he got to a shelter and why whether he is healthy. If it does not turn out to obtain information on an animal, it is just necessary to trust in the intuition.


What has to please at appearance assessment? Health, self-confidence and curiosity. Such animals do not run away from the person, and on the contrary, address him and demand caress. It is necessary to examine a dung of animals then to begin to study the identity of each of kittens. It is worth playing with them and to try to catch a look of the most active.

Assessment of Appearance of a Kitten

the Kitten who for a second does not stop playing, mad and aggressive can be not the best choice if the person looks for a quiet cat who can be put on knees.

Cats shy and careful is also bad choice. Should choosing a cat who:

  • Is friendly .
  • Is ready to play .
  • Not too mad .

Cats Shy and Careful

To estimate as far as a kitten interesting, it is possible so. It is necessary to separate it from other brothers and sisters to check whether it will focus on the person. The cat has to pursue vigorously a toy and be interested vividly in a situation. The animal has to like to go on hands, to react to a voice.

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