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Siamese cat. It would seem who is not familiar with this breed? Blue eyes, dark marks on a muzzle and paws, a tail from zaloma, nasty character. Stop stop stop! What such tail about zalomam and nasty character?!

Siamese Cat

Siamese cats: what they?

First that should be made, talking about Siamese cat breed - it is to deal with terminology. Somehow left that in the territory of the former USSR by Siam call any cat of a kolor-poyntny color, and any person with pleasure will tell you two-three of stories in the spirit of "a black hand and a red carpet" about terrible aggressive creatures. But, as often it also happens, actually everything is much more interesting.
we Will begin
with the fact that a habitual "Siamese" color, it is a kolor-point, it "a light body and the painted sites on paws/tail/muzzle" is not fundamental sign of breed at all and exists in different cat breeds. And not only cats – even rats are such color. So that image most of which of people represents, hearing "the Siamese cat" is, at best, a cat of the Thai breed.
So what it, modern Siamese?
the Siamese cat – kind of went it sounded, that "embodiment of the East". It is thin, ringing, graceful, desperately talkative and needs the company. Desperate defect, and it should not be the hall on a tail, by the way —. It is clear, that it will be a question a little bit of "spherical Siam in a vacuum", each specific animal has features, but will try to tell about "average option".
are dogs to whom accidentally gave birth in a cat's skin. Cat's independence? Not, did not hear. Are adequate, impudent, bright (especially where it is not necessary), in the presence of inspiration at owners without problems are trained. The attention is loved and appreciated, soul of the company is about them. But from it and a problem: if you want "a classical cat" who is pleasing to the eye unostentatiously, it is better not to get Siam.
Siamese cats are active. Not, not so – are ACTIVE. Games, communication, races, lazalka and other "dvizhukha". It is desirable in the company, and who exactly will keep the company – you, other cats or in general other animal species, not especially important. The main thing that it was cheerful and mobile.
follow the next moments From here: siam it is optimum to contain "flock", the main thing, in time to stop (I want пяяяятоооогоооо!). These cats perfectly get on with dogs and, perhaps, it is one of rare breeds which it is good to bring to a set to children. Only we remember their dobronravnost and we do not give in offense, they sometimes allow in relation to themselves superfluous.
Siamese cats are emotional. Actively participate in family life, nothing will do without them. Side effect – terrible garrulity. Siam not just everywhere and everything will do with you, it also will comment on all events. And yes, it is not that cat who at the sight of guests will disappear under a sofa – they are glad to guests and will spend time in the pleasure.
Siamese Cat

Care of a Siamese cat

Siamese cats are thermophilic. The nature deprived them of an underfur, and "three hairs in two ranks" heat give not especially. In contents it pours out or in sviterochka and other warming if the beast lives absolutely in cold, or in a happy cat's ugly face in warm corners of the house.
on the other hand, it allows to be too lazy a little in questions of leaving – "polished with a rag also an order". Siamese cats do not demand active comb-out / aggradation, however, if you the admirer of dark clothes – again think whether Siam is necessary to you. Thin short light strands of wood a miracle as are tightly stuck in clothes and furniture.
Most often Siamese cats are positive to the idea of water and bathing, very much worry about the bathing owners. In a tray are inclined to arrange small archeological excavations therefore it is better to get a toilet lodge at once – not to list aloud all relatives of a cat, removing the scattered filler.

Feeding of Siamese cats

Siamese cats are omnivorous. They eat everything that is badly beaten. What is beaten well – in the beginning tear off, then eat. And it is never plus, and it is never good, taking into account the same foolish mentality "the animal will not begin to eat that to it it is harmful". Still as will become! Therefore the owner's task – watches and to control, watches and to control, and to guests, quietly a cat pieces putting, "atat" to speak in due time.
Siamese Cats and Other Animals

How to choose a Siamese kitten?

the Choice of a kitten – another story and, in general, universal for all breeds.
  • Without piece of paper you are a mongrel (c)
Only existence of a family tree guarantees that you buy a kitten of a certain breed.
"We found
on a garbage can, but it is unambiguously thoroughbred!", "the veterinarian told us that it is the Tibetan Rock", "in the encyclopedia looked, is similar to Ivanosky Short-haired" — let's leave fairy tales to those who wants to believe in them. And the speech goes after all about thoroughbred animals now.
Genealogical is not a magic piece of paper which increases animal cost three times, it is banal "the list of ancestors". And in itself it costs ооочень not much.
In different clubs different rules, but approximate "package of documents" at acquisition of a kitten is a pet passport and a family tree (or a kitten card which is changed further for a family tree). Some manufacturers sign also the contract of purchase and sale in which additional conditions, for example, sterilization can be stated.
  • Only the right choice of the manufacturer guarantees that at you it will grow "Something!", but not "oh, what is it?!" (c)
you do not pursue low cost and be not afraid of serious nurseries / manufacturers. Really qualitative animal cannot cost little, but it is not an occasion to throw out money for "the Ivanovo Pomoynuyu", having addressed on the first comer to the announcement promising a canary for kopek. At the same time in good nurseries often it is possible to buy an animal for reasonable price.
the simplest option – to visit an exhibition, to get an impression "that I want", to take contacts from the manufacturer and will meet it in few weeks after the exhibition.
  • Take away a kitten from the house.
Any "I to you to the subway will bring it" or "with home delivery". In conditions habitual to a kitten look at his behavior, health, interaction with other inhabitants of the house, and at this time quietly and thoughtfully ask the manufacturer the questions interesting you. Two main: to what food it is accustomed (if a dry feed – that what brand) and to what filler in a tray.
the Kitten has to have a smooth, brilliant hair, clean eyes and ears, has to be active and playful, at the same time can look slightly hudovaty is specifics of a pedigree constitution.
At the good manufacturer animals clean, well-groomed, react to you with curiosity, and the manufacturer with pleasure tells about them.
  • Kittens can move to new houses not earlier than 3 months!
are requirements of clubs and guarantee of civilized cultivation. To this age they did necessary vaccination, and they are ready to independent adulthood.

Preparation for appearance of a Siamese kitten

needs to prepare for you the minimum "gentlemen's set" For arrival of the new resident:
  • Toilet. As practice, in cleaning shows one of the most convenient options – toilets lodges.
  • Bowls for food and water.
  • Filler. Choose to what the kitten is accustomed in "native home". Then you will be able to change, but it is necessary to begin with habitual.
  • Forage. Besides such with what the manufacturer fed.
  • Kogtedralka. Begin with the simplest "board" (which is fastened on a wall) or "column" (on a support), you will see preferences of your pet later and you will correlate them to design in the house.
  • Toys. Begin literally with two-three and you remember that not with all toys of cats it is possible to leave alone.
of the Photo from personal archive of Elizabeth Spiridonova

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