• Feb 6, 2020

Character of a Siamese cat

Character of a Siamese cat you will not call
Siamese cat On a photo: Siamese cat

Main traits of character of a Siamese cat: the activity (turning with a time into violence), high I.Q. and constant, and persistent, the requirement of attention to the person.

Siamese cats are extremely curious, they constantly are interested: and what is behind a visibility limit.
Many owners consider Siamese cats by the cleverest of all breeds. "Siamese" are capable to learn almost instantly the nickname and seek to participate in all your affairs. Them it is quite possible to teach to walk on a breast-band, to bring toys or to carry out lovely amusing tricks.
As for sociability, Siamese cats it is difficult to surpass. They have quite loud voice, and they do not hesitate to use it to the full extent.
of Persistence of Siamese cats can envy any of us – they always try to obtain the.

As the character of a Siamese cat affects behavior

Siamese cats coexist with people many centuries therefore became extraordinary sociable. They in any situation feel at home.
However should not leave them for a long time alone: if they start missing, then are quite capable of destructive actions.
However and importunate stickings does not suffer, can give worthy repulse to the offender. Therefore the Siamese cat not really is suitable for family with small children (7 years are younger).
it is better for judges of silence and tranquility not to get Also Siamese cat in the house.
Some Siamese cats not bad get on with dogs, however everything depends on characters of a specific dog and cat. Siamese cats can sometimes be jealous and intolerant of a povleniye of konkuretn.

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