• Feb 6, 2020
The description of a Siamese cat is reflected in official standards of breed.
the Main epithets for the description of Siamese cats: "long" and also "thin". At a Siamese cat a trunk of average size and a cylindrical form, a direct and long tail.
Siamese Cat
On a photo: Siamese cat
Bone structure thin, muscles dry, thanks to what Siamese cats – surprisingly dexterous creations. They are capable to jump incredibly high.
Shape of the head elongated and wedge-shaped, nose narrow.
the large ears which are widely put.
of an Eye of average size, almond-shaped, bright blue.
of the Leg harmonious, long. Hind legs are slightly longer than lobbies.
Wool thin, short, densely adjoin to a body.
the Main color of a Siamese cat – white at the birth, however at adult cats can vary from cream to beige. Initial color of marks was dark brown. However cats of a color a blyu-point (blue marks), a chokolet-point (chocolate marks) and a lilak-point (lilac marks) meet now. There are also new colors so in associations of fans of cats disputes on whether to recognize them do not cease.

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