• Mar 2, 2019

People consider that only dogs can have a false gestation, but it not so. Cats also have such state, but meets quite seldom. When at an animal the pathological state develops, it feels to pregnant women therefore symptoms seem similar. Each person at whom the domestic small animal contains surely has to know about signs of false pregnancy at cats and the reasons of its emergence.

Signs of False Pregnancy at Cats and the Reason of Its Emergence

pathology Source

If there are suspicions that a gestation artificial, then the pet needs to be surrounded with care, caress and it is obligatory to visit the expert. The cat at this moment has the most severe stress, it is very important to find out why there was "pseudo-pregnancy" .

Prichin can be a little, are the most widespread:

Pathology Source

  1. Pairing with a male at whom reproductive function is broken or a cat is castrated.
  2. Violation of reproductive function at the cat. That is pairing was, but fertilization did not happen. Then the organism can get confused and start process of "a pregnant state".
  3. Contact with other females bearing posterity. Psychosomatics in this case works in such a way that because of envy the cat itself can feel the pregnant woman even if process of pairing was not.
  4. The most severe stress. Long separation from owners, long repair, cardinal change of the residence, all this can provoke false pregnancy.

having Only found out the prime cause, it is possible to achieve the speedy recovery and return of an animal to the normal state.

Signs of frustration

Symptoms of false pregnancy and real are very similar, but there are also differences. It is important to notice them and to provide a cat with heat and love. Signs can be the following:

Signs of Frustration

Consequences of Disease State

  1. Sharp change of mood of the pet . The cat does not depart from the owner, requiring attention, is afraid, hides, can become aggressive.
  2. The female from the very beginning of the feelings begins to look for the place for "childbirth" though usually it occurs in 2−3 days prior to appearance of kittens.
  3. At false pregnancy the cat begins to behave as already taken place mummy, carries objects in teeth, taking them for kittens.
  4. In certain cases the female becomes very violent because of sharp jump of hormones. She rustles, shouts, and it becomes almost impossible to control the pet.
  5. Constant allocations from a vagina are observed. Waiting for kittens such allocations have periodic character.
  6. Too earlier emergence of a stomach . If in a stomach at a cat kittens developed, then the stomach would appear gradually.
  7. Too strong appetite and thirst also demonstrate development of false positive pregnancy.
  8. Because of sharp change of a hormonal background there are failures in work of a stomach.
  9. At a false gestation temperature increase can be observed.
  10. At a pathological state can increase in pacifier sizes.

If at an animal is shown something from the list, it is better to ask for the help the veterinarian and to confirm or disprove suspicions.

of the Consequence of disease state

Consequences of Disease State

Such pathological state is already sign of hormonal failure, but danger that against the background of a disease infertility or the birth of very weak posterity can develop. Besides, the probability of developing of various illnesses of reproductive and urinogenital systems increases, up to oncological problems. All this is very dangerous to an animal and does not promise anything good. At emergence of symptoms in the favourite it is necessary to address the expert as soon as possible.

the Veterinarian will confirm

or will disprove suspicions and also after inspection will appoint adequate treatment. After therapy, some time at the doctor is regularly important to be observed still and to watch that frustration did not return again.

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