• Jan 15, 2019

the Alaskan snow cat, or a cat of snow — breed rather new, even not all experts are familiar with it. The American selectors in the early nineties executed of last century the idea: there was a snow cat — the most mysterious breed with essentially new external qualities.

Rules of Keeping of a Snow Cat

Characteristic of new breed

The first kittens differed from the tribespeople in a powerful skeleton, warm dense fur. At the same time the sizes of animals were small, muzzles — round. According to one version, in them genes of silvery Persians and the Somali cats, on another — Siamese and Burmese breeds connected. The manufacturers who created a snow individual shared information on it avariciously. However experts found similarity to all mentioned breeds. But the intrigue remained. the Snow cat is recognized conforming to all standards , and informally received the status of the most mysterious breed.

Description of a Snow Cat

According to characteristic, the Alaskan cat, thanks to dense fur, is not afraid of frosts. The color can be the most different — monophonic, with white spots (bicolor), tortoise with white or white and black and red (tricolor). The contrast of a cat's fur coat looks extraordinary beautifully.

Now only several dozens of foreign professionals are engaged in cultivation of this breed. In many countries the Alaskan cat enjoys wide popularity , but this breed is not presented at the Russian exhibitions yet.

Temper of cats of snow

Keeping of a Snow Cat

It is very independent, active and cheerful creations. Though they are not deprived of some natural qualities of predators, tenderness and devotion are peculiar to them. However, it is impossible to characterize the general words this breed as each individual is very individual. Some "alyaskinets" differ in ability to become attached to the person, others within several years can show rebelliousness and willfulness. Even cats aggressors who at the moments of danger hiss meet and fight.

In own way it is charming pets who are capable to amuse with the tricks both adults, and children. Work on improvement of breed is continued. Selectors dream to create as a result absolutely perfect pet with unknown still features.

of the Rule of contents

At all the advantages the Alaskan snow cat is a riddle so far. Therefore not all that will be required for its comfortable stay in family is known. In any case, owners have to know the main thing:

Description of breed of a cat

  1. Cats of this breed need the spacious room as the active character is connected with the need to jump, climb furniture. They can hang on curtains, sit on the high refrigerator or on a case, get dexterously on vertical surfaces.
  2. Though like to show the independence, badly transfer loneliness.
  3. Alyaskintsa are able to get on with other pets.
  4. They do not divide people into children and adults that when choosing an animal has to guard parents.

Anyway, this interesting and mysterious snow cat is studied by experts not enough therefore happens that she suddenly finds habits of a wild animal. To it ready future owners need to be.

Other surprising species of cats

The Alaskan snow cat — not the only breed which still keeps in itself a secret. It is possible to make the big list of pets who surprise and fascinate people. Here only some of them:

Appearance of a Snow Cat

  1. Caracal, or steppe lynx. It is interesting that it is carried both to wild, and to pets. These are unique representatives of the cat family as and today they live as in nature, and near the person. Caracals are carried to exotic cats, but they did not gain big distribution. Cats are quite easily cultivated, get used to discipline, however hunting habits remain, and they are not similar to habits of an ordinary cat. Only rare copies of caracals from nurseries can have rather appeasable character.
  2. Snow шу. The name of breed is translated as "a snow shoe". At this cat quite unusual color which by all means includes white spots on a muzzle and pads and also cornflower-blue color of eyes. Very friendly and tender creation ready to accompany owners everywhere. Original property which distinguishes Snow's cats шу from other tribespeople: very much like to lap in water, at any time are ready to take a bath.
  3. Maine Coon. Breed of really powerful cats reaching 17-kilogram weight. The fact that they do not treat the decorative, artificially removed breeds is considered their advantage, their emergence is connected with natural selection. Their name appeared from behind long dense wool and a striped color (Maine Coon — "Manx raccoon"). Of course, these animals have no relation to raccoons, but also differ from domestic cats in what is not able to be mewed. It is rather possible to call the sounds made by them clang, they publish them, complaining of loneliness, or minutes of danger. In house conditions need attention of all family members.
  4. Norwegian forest cat. The breed, is generally widespread in the north of Europe. Animals have very impressive dimensions, their weight reaches 9 kilograms. Several versions are connected with origin of "Norwegians". Most of scientists assume that they are descendants of a wild cat whom in due time Vikings brought to Norway from Scotland. The magnificent fur coat of an animal allows it to transfer with firmness a frost, wind, snowfalls. This is very vigorous representative of the cat's tribe, he always in the movement, likes to run, jump, get on big height.
  5. Пиксибоб. In translation from English the name is designated by "the korotkokhvosty elf". But most of all resembles a little lynx superficially: strong paws, a powerful body, brushes on ears, an attentive frown. And at the same time — hardly noticeable tail. The main certificate of a family tree — existence on each paw of seven claws. These are pets playful, curious and devoted to owners. Very jealously treat emergence in the house of other pets and can adequately respond to aggression. Piksiboba are very appreciated in the USA and Canada.

In the world more than 700 cat's breeds are registered. To whatever of them the chosen pet belonged, it is necessary to remember that it is not an amusing toy. It is necessary to study characteristic of the new member of household well. Especially it concerns representatives of the breeds removed relatively recently. Gene failures which can be shown in an unpredictable form, are not excluded therefore the person has to estimate correctly the opportunities and readiness to bear responsibility for an animal .

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