• Jan 13, 2020

Snow's character шу is almost ideal that makes these cats suitable for life practically in any family. They are unperturbable and quiet, at the same time are quite playful and active. Snow шу very much likes to take the place above and to watch what occurs in the house.

 the Kitten of breed of Snow шу a photo On a photo: a kitten of breed of Snow шу Snow's

шу are adored by attention and communication, but at the same time are not so persuasive as Siamese cats. However, they transfer loneliness hardly. These are devoted creations which always seek to keep closer to the favourite owner.

Snow шу are very intellectual, easily learn to open doors and even the refrigerator. Besides they easily study and with pleasure are engaged in an aportirovka.

the Voice at cats of breed of Snow шу quite pleasant: melodious and soft. But if at a belonozhka complaints collected, she will not be silent.

Snow шу — hardy and benevolent cats who easily adapt to any conditions. They well get on with other animals and are tolerant in relation to children, willingly play with them.

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