• Jan 13, 2020

The description of cats of breed of Snow шу combines lines of all 3 breeds from which crossing belonozhka came. As a result from the American short-haired cats of Snow шу received constitution fortress, and from Siamese — quite long trunk.

 the Cat of breed of Snow шу a photo

On a photo: cat of breed of Snow шу

Cats of breed of Snow шу strong and brawny. At Snow шу a broad chest and a long back, strong and quite long legs. Paws are large, roundish, fingers are densely compressed. The tail average on length, at the basis thick, but by the end is narrowed.

At Snow шу average length a neck, slightly roundish wedge-shaped head with high cheekbones. The straight nose, at the basis has deepening. At a belonozhka large mobile ears, at the basis wide, the tips pointed.

Eyes of cats of Snow шу big, round, bright blue color.

Snow's wool шу brilliant, short, densely adjoins to a body, to the touch quite rigid.

Snow's color шу can be only a blyu-point (marks blue) and forces points (a mark ischerna-brown). All 4 feet are painted in white color. Also white marks on a throat and a muzzle meet.

Manufacturers do everything possible to fix the most desirable form and size of white marks. It is preferable that "socks" standing reached only an anklebone bend (front pads) and nearly reached skakatelny joints (back pads).

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