• Jan 13, 2020


шу: American short-haired, Burmese and Siamese. Brought cats of breed of Snow шу in the USA. These cats still quite rare. Distinctive feature of cats of breed of Snow шу — white all 4 pads of a foot.

Cats of breed of Snow шу have pleasant character and well adapt practically to any conditions. They not bad get on with other animals and are tolerant to children.

Cats of breed of Snow шу are quite active and playful. Care of them is not difficult. It makes them by almost ideal pets for any family.


Need for communication
Friendliness to children
Loyalty to other pets
of Golosistos
Ease in leaving
Information on breed

Origin of the USA
Group on wool Short-haired
Life expectancy is About 15 years old
of Feature White foot
Weight of 2.5 — 5.5 kg
to Whom suits For any family

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