• Nov 16, 2019

"Business card" of any cat are sharp claws. Some owners of pets think of removal of claws as soon as they had a pet. Owners of cats forget that their claws are intended for hunting and protection, but not just to be scratched and spoil furniture.

Soft pads: why the cat should not delete claws

Deprivation of an animal of protection

The cat feels protected when she designates border of the territory by scratches, that is leaves the smell which is allocated with glands on claws. The animal uses first of all claws on forepaws for protection, and only then already other ways of self-preservation. If to disarm the pet natural, then he will remain defenseless against enemies.


After an onikhektomiya (removal of claws) the pet needs anew to learn to go, the shape of paws significantly changes, the center of gravity therefore over time lameness develops is displaced, coordination and balance worsens. Your favourites lose grace and mobility which only representatives of the cat family have.

Impossibility to survive on the street

Cats who live or just walk on the street, operations on removal of claws never have to be exposed. Your canine friend loses the main security measure from enemies and falls a victim for other predators. Cats will not be able to overcome obstacles, to escape or climb up a tree from imminent danger. Such experience can become a cause of death of an animal.


The procedure of removal of claws is carried out by people only for the convenience. In many countries of Europe the onikhektomiya is prohibited by the law because such treatment of animals is considered inhumane. The careful veterinarian is respectful to a body and state of mind of canine friends and addresses this operation only in necessary cases.


Consequences of surgical intervention affect also behavior of an animal. The curious and cheerful pet becomes closed, avoids contact with the person. Cats have a nervous stress because of loss of claws, become timid or, on the contrary, experience aggression to the person. It is shown in inadequate behavior, for example, when the cat, without having an opportunity to scratch, bites the owner.

Ignoring of a tray

After this procedure of a cat will not be able to scrape in a tray – they have will be simply nothing and process will bring discomfort and painful feelings. Owners of cats are waited by new surprises: they will look for soft places for a toilet, such as carpet or case, than will give the mass of an inconvenience.

Home decoration which is valued by the person, sooner or later, will appear on a dump. Also there are different alternative solutions of problems with damage of furniture and wall-paper. Before you decide to remove claws to a pet, think what you do him terrible harm.

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