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the Somali cat (Somalia) treats breed long-haired which occurred from Abyssinian cats. The first cat of the Somali breed by nickname May-Ling Tutsuta was registered in Canada in 1965. But only in 1978 this breed was officially recognized in the USA. Today the breed of Somalia is included into the official list of breeds of FIFe. And in the USA even Somalia by Cat club" is created ".

Somali cat: the description of breed, the rule of maintenance and leaving
the Somali cat belongs to breed long-haired which occurred from Abyssinian cats

the Main characteristics

Breed the Somali cat is one of the most popular around the world. And here in Russia, unfortunately, it did not gain such popularity yet. of Cats of Somalia often compare with little foxes because of a long fluffy tail and an apricot and red fur fur coat. Ethiopia is considered the homeland of an animal. Though the name to breed was given by the country, neighboring to Ethiopia, – Somalia.

This cat breed is characterized by the average sizes. Weight varies from 3 to 5 kg. Distinctive feature – eyes. They at a cat big and as though are allocated with a coal pencil. Usually color of eyes yellow or green. Initially the color of an animal was brown and copper-colored. However over time selectors brought cats with an opaque gray and silvery color.

Somali cat: the description of breed, the rule of maintenance and leaving
Breed the Somali cat is one of the most popular around the world

Should telling that the coloring of a kitten differs from a color of an adult individual. Kittens long form by final color of wool. the Somali cat can brag of very beautiful dense wool. On back pads it is possible to notice peculiar woolen panties. Wool to the touch soft. The main sign of breed of Somalia – a tiking. The Tiking is when each strand of wood is painted in several tones. The more such hairs, the more valuable the cat is considered.

of Feature of breed (video)

The cat of Somalia is characterized by clever and devoted character. And still he is playful and will not sit in place. It is necessary to watch an animal constantly because it can drop out of a window, having reached for a birdie, or to break something in the house. Especially attentive the owners living on the top floors of skyscrapers need to be. However, the Somali cat has patience and can wait for the owner who is busy while she wanted to play.

Owners should know that Somalia does not like to sit on hands. Because of the activity it will suit more those families in which there are children. In this case constant entertainments will be provided to a cat. Also it is necessary to know that this jealous animal. It does not like to share attention of the owners with other pets.

Gallery: Somali cat (57 photos)

Care and maintenance

Having decided to bring this pet, it is necessary to know the basic rules of care of it. So, the Somali kitten already since the childhood is very playful and likes to sharpen claws about everything. Experts advise for these purposes to get a high kogtetochka. the Animal differs in grace and a brawny figure. For maintenance of sportswear of the pet should feed with food with high content of protein. And here it is better to exclude fats.

Somalia needs linoleic acid which contains in dairy products, in meat and in a L-carnitine. These recommendations should be considered when feeding a cat natural food. If it is about dry feeds, then usually all necessary substances, vitamins and minerals already are their part.

Somali cat: description of breed, rule of maintenance and leaving

Mandatory requirements on care of the pet of Somalia:

  • to brush teeth every day;
  • once a week to process ears;
  • once a month to bathe in the bathroom;
  • 2 times a week to comb wool.

In the period of a molt wool is combed out daily. Besides, it is possible to increase the number of bathings. The Somali cat on average lives 10-16 years.

Somali cat: description of breed, rule of maintenance and leaving

at the same time it is subject to such diseases:

  • pathologies of kidneys;
  • periodontosis;
  • dislocations of patellae (can be hereditary);
  • gipersteziya;
  • eye retina atrophy.

How to look after animal (video)

In time preventive visits to the veterinarian will help to reveal these diseases. In the whole Somalia – very kind, not aggressive and playful cat breed which is highly appreciated among professional breeders of cats and ordinary fans of pets.

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