• Oct 31, 2019

Owners of cats quite often noticed that pets as though know time of return of owners home. Even if the animal is on the mixed contents and spends the most part of days on the street, in a certain hour the pet runs towards to the supporter, rubs at legs and violently "tells" about how he spent day.

Surprising abilities: as the cat learns that the owner will come soon home

of the Cat are guided in time

Cats are considered as night animals because perfectly see in the dark and hunt for the production. And prefer to have a rest and get warm on the sun in the afternoon. So occurs in the nature. Pets do not have need to hunt – them and so the loving owner feeds. The problem is that having treated the favourite with a breakfast, the owner leaves for work where spends the whole day.

By the time of its return the pet already fairly got hungry and therefore joyfully runs towards in an anticipation of a tasty dinner. It turns out that the signal of fast return of the owner to a cat is given by his own stomach. Especially if it occurs at the same time. Murlyka adapts to a daily routine of the owner.

Catch smells of perfume of the owner in the distance

There is one more hypothesis. At cats the sense of smell is perfectly developed. And though the scent moustached-striped concedes dog a little, it is all the same very thin. Exactly thanks to it animals distinguish "" and "others", places, furniture.

Especially well cats remember a smell of the favourite owner and fragrance of its perfume. If the aroma flower or with east notes, a cat can not depart for hours from the owner, enjoying aroma. Let's remember at least with what eagerness of a murlyk cleans a master's bag at the bottom of which the vial of valerian lies.

At easy whiff of a breeze the fluffy can catch aroma-signals of the approaching supporter for 300-400 m. If the animal is in the closed space, concentration of a smell of the owner in air becomes the indicator. In a day the aroma dissipates and to arrival of the owner has a certain density. When the pet understands that he began to smell such, as before return of the owner, promptly he runs to a door or a window and impatiently waits for appearance of the supporter.

is Heard and distinguish gait of the owner

At cats the special relations with the owner, they perceive him as kittens the mother cat. Therefore perfectly distinguish the sounds related to "parent" – a voice, a shuffling of legs, knock of heels, tussiculation, etc. Features of his gait are very important for cat's therefore having only caught sight of a familiar moving silhouette, pets joyfully run towards. By science it is proved that cats are capable to recognize the owner even in years of separation.

But happens that during walk fluffy favourites do not pay any attention to the owner. Do not take offense at them – at this time they can have more important and interesting occupations. Cats are extremely clever and cunning. After all it is independent small predators, though room. They absolutely precisely learn from far away and very much love the owners. Especially when lunch time comes.

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