• Dec 31, 2018

Maine Coons make an impression the appearance, especially the sizes and ears with brushes. Can seem that special conditions of keeping are required for them. But actually to look after such surprising breed as Maine Coons, simply. It is enough to know the basic rules and also habits of pets. However their contents can be a little expensive.

Necessary Procedures for Care of Breed of Maine Coons

of Feature of the correct leaving

in general this breed is quite unpretentious and differs in good health and rather appeasable character. First of all care of Maine Coons assumes care of health of an animal. Owners need to impart the pets from possible diseases in time. And also it is important to give to representatives of this breed all vitamins and minerals, necessary for them.

Combing and bathing

Wool at this breed to the touch silky and soft. To comb enough only once in a week. In the period of a molt it is necessary to do it more often. For care of hair of these animals will be required a number of devices:

The correct processes for maintenance of health of wool, claws and teeth of cats of Maine Coons

  1. A hairbrush with rare teeths.
  2. Slicker brush.
  3. A massage brush with small cloves.

Objects of leaving are required to be chosen as qualitative with the metal and rounded-off teeths not to injure skin of cats.

It is previously necessary to examine an animal on existence of koltun. At detection felted wool it is possible to try it to untangle or to cut off accurately. Comb kun since the head. Then it is necessary to move on a back to a tail. Right at the end the stomach and paws brush.

Special paste is necessary for Maine Coons for wool removal. She helps to solve a problem with hit of lumps in a stomach of an animal. This medicine can be mixed with a forage or to give separately.

Possible Structure and Norms of Food for Cats of Maine Coons

Bathing is an important part of care of representatives of this breed. In general they love water therefore problems with such procedure should not arise. Time in 2−4 months is recommended to wash kun. It is possible to soap only in the direction of growth of wool. Surely it is necessary to use special shampoos and conditioners. Ears should be closed cotton wool before the water procedures.

The head needs to be washed without use of means and it is very careful. Special attention should be paid to the pet's tail as it is usually soiled stronger than other parts of a body.

After completion of water procedures of kun it is necessary to wipe and watch carefully that the animal did not get on a draft. Use of the hair dryer, but without special diligence is allowed.

Care of surprising breed Maine Coons

of an Eye, teeth, claws and ears

Norms of Food for Cats of Breed of Maine Coons

Care of eyes of an animal is quite simple and consists only in daily wiping by a damp wadded disk. In case of allocations it is possible to use solution of tea or boric acids (weak solution).

It is necessary to clean ears special means or vaseline. It is recommended to carry out these procedures Q-tips. An internal part of an ear has to be clean and pink, without congestion of raids. It is necessary to carry out this leaving once a month.

If to feed an animal with a dry feed, then toothbrushing it is possible to carry out every two months. At natural feeding — once a month or even to a thicket, to avoid possible problems with health . It is possible to use only special toothpastes, and brushes can be any.

There is no special need for a hairstyle of claws. Because of their long wool it is not visible, and they do not spoil appearance. As kuna do not like to sit on knees, these cats very seldom can scratch. If in a hairstyle there is a requirement, then it is necessary to use special scissors.

Others corrected

keeping of Maine Coons

How Privilno to Look After Cats of Breed Maine Coons

Care of these animals consists not only in care of health and appearance. They need also healthy nutrition and a number of objects which should be bought the owner. These large and active cats need space therefore you should not keep them in the small-sized apartment. A tray for kun it is necessary to get the biggest. It is desirable that it was opened or with a grid as such design is more convenient for animals. It is the best of all to choose wood filler.

Ready forages have to be a premium class as they contain all necessary nutrients and also vitamins and minerals. Natural food has to include meat, vegetable, sour-milk and cereal components. It is recommended to feed kun with boiled low-fat meat, sea fish and vegetables.

And also it is possible to add cheese, grain, a sea cabbage and eggs to a forage. Food for these cats has to be cooked without salt, spices and sugar. At natural food it is necessary to add vitamin and mineral complexes.

Features of the Correct Care of Cats of Breed of Maine Coons

It is forbidden to feed these animals with chicken and beef bones and also heavy meat, for example, pork. is Also not recommended to be included in a diet:

  • potato;
  • chocolate;
  • sausages;
  • bean.

Other Rules Keeping of Maine Coons

The mixed food type is possible. In that case the dry feed has to be a basis of a diet, and natural products can act as additive. For digestion improvement pets can give greens. It can be germinated oats or wheat. It is impossible to feed an animal with a street grass at all.

It is important to pick up suitable bowls for a forage and water. It is desirable to choose ware from natural materials. Excellent the option will be steel or ceramics. It is better to put a flat dish with water far away from plates with a forage as kuna are accustomed to spray liquids.

In order that the pet did not miss, should buy him several toys . They will also help cats to support the necessary level of physical activity. Rules of leaving are not especially difficult, and at their observance the pet will comfortably feel and to answer owners with love and caress.

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