• May 23, 2019

the First authentic certificate on domestication of cats came to us from Egypt where these small animals were considered sacred and mummified on an equal basis with people. Striped and spotty cats whose features of genetics bring closer them to wild ancestors meet more often. Such "camouflage" does a predator invisible and hides during hunting.

Unique Drawings on Wool Striped and Spotty Domestic Cats

Influence of a gene of a tabba

If at lions, tigers or leopards only one color prevails, then a variety of drawings on fur of domestic cats strikes. are responsible For color of wool of each specific pet 3 genetic components:

Strips and Spots on Cats

  • The microscopic granules of a pigment of melanin differing in a form, the size and coloring. Two options are defined: the granules of an eumelanin in the form of the sphere absorbing light and giving to a hair a black color and феомеланин, the granules of oblong shape which are responsible for red shades.
  • A form and alternation of particles of a pigment on length of a strand of wood.
  • Saturation density pigment particles, depends on it brightness of a color of a cat.

depends On factors not only color of fur, but also a pattern on it: spots, strips, rings, thin lines on a muzzle. Such drawings are called the English term tabby that means "striped".

Scientists found out that initially all cats have strips and spots on a skin . The aguta gene allowing the put patterns is responsible for their emergence it will be shown. Its influence paints each strand of wood in the repeating strips, defining the drawing.

Features of Cat Breeds with Spots

Existence in a genome of the animal recessive gene of a non-aguta which is responsible for uniform distribution of pigmentary granules in a hair can prevent it. In case of domination of this gene hair of an animal will be monophonic. This scheme does not work only about a genome of red color which suppresses non-agut therefore all red murlyk rejoice strips or spots.

Types of drawings

Striped fur often meets both at not purebred, and at thoroughbred animals. the Colour of each individual is unique and unique , but specialists in a felinologiya distinguish 4 main patterns of a tabba:

Striped Cats

  • Marble, when at a cat 3−4 expressed, wide strips along the ridge , on a body round spots with more dark center, noticeable strips on a tail. Meet at Maine Coons and the American bobtails.
  • Tiger — from the head to a tail individuals there passes the contrast strip, from it there are narrow lines down. Tail and pads too striped. The Norwegian forest cats and Asian tabb are so painted.
  • Leopard it is characterized by the round spots which are chaotically scattered on wool.
  • Abyssinian . Representatives are Abyssinian and Singapore cats. On wool there is no accurate drawing, there are indistinct marks and spots.

Biologists are sure that striped cats developed in the natural way therefore differ in the strong immune system and balanced character.

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