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to Owners of cats of breed a Maine Coon, especially that who plans to be engaged in cultivation it is important to know features of course of a techka, pregnancy and childbirth at a Maine Coon.

 and gladkoshestny cat of a photo

On a photo: Maine Coon. Photo: pixabay.com

Techka at cats a Maine Coon

When there comes the techka at Maine Coons

Techka at cats a Maine Coon — process absolutely natural, however its features depend on physiological features of a specific cat. However it is possible to tell that the techka at Maine Coons comes later, than at representatives of other breeds. As a rule, the techka at Maine Coons comes in 7 — 18 months.

A Maine Coon the following factors can provoke the beginning of a techka at cats:

  • Began to smell a cat, including brought on clothes by owners.
  • Technaya a cat in the neighbourhood.
  • Hormonal background of the cat.
  • Conditions of keeping of a Maine Coon.

How often there is a techka at Maine Coons

Frequency of a techka at a cat the Maine Coon depends on specific features of an animal. If living conditions of a cat normal, techka at her regular are also tied to a season. As a rule, the techka at the Maine Coon living in the conditions close to natural comes at the end of spring — the beginning of summer and at the end of summer — an early autumn. However, the techka at a domestic cat of a Maine Coon can come at all seasons of the year.

As there passes the techka at Maine Coons

Techka at Maine Coons has several stages:

  1. Preparatory (проэструс). This stage lasts up to 3 days. The cat becomes tender and uneasy, but does not admit a cat.
  2. Readiness for knitting (эструс). The cat shouts, worries, curved, takes aside a tail, rides on a floor.
  3. "Calm" (диэструс). If the cat did not become pregnant, she calms down to the following techka.

As a rule, during a techka a cat the Maine Coon eats a little, and drinks much. The cat can lose weight and if she young (12 months are younger), growth can slow down.

How many the techka at a cat a Maine Coon lasts

Techka duration at a Maine Coon is 7 — 11 days. If the cat became pregnant, she calms down at once.

The following techka at a cat the Maine Coon comes, as a rule, in 1.5 — 2 months. However cats who between techka have a break several months meet.

If the interval between techka at a Maine Coon is less than 3 weeks, it is an occasion to address the veterinarian as there is a probability of a hormonal imbalance. If techka duration at a Maine Coon is more than 2 months, it is also worth addressing the veterinarian.

The question when it is possible to knit a Maine Coon interests many. As a rule, optimum time of knitting of a Maine Coon — after the third techka.

 Maine Coon photo portrait

On a photo: Maine Coon. Photo: pixabay.com

Pregnancy of a Maine Coon

Term of pregnancy of Maine Coons

Many owners ask the question "How Many Pregnant Cats a Maine Coon Go". The term of pregnancy of Maine Coons usually is more, than at cats of other breeds. How many does pregnancy of Maine Coons last? As a rule, the term of pregnancy of Maine Coons is nine weeks (65 — 68 days).

If to provide to a cat normal living conditions, pregnancy of a Maine Coon takes place quite easily.

How to look after a pregnant cat a Maine Coon

There are recommendations to which it is worth adhering:

  1. Give to a cat vitamins, previously having consulted to the veterinarian.
  2. Impart a cat a Maine Coon and give glistogonny before knitting. If were not in time, wait for childbirth or, in case of helminths, for example, consult with the veterinarian as it is better to arrive.
  3. you Watch that the cat a Maine Coon did not make sharp movements in recent weeks of pregnancy.
  4. Some days before estimated childbirth pay to a cat a Maine Coon as much as possible attention. It is good if you are able to take a vacation for this time.
  5. you Should not carry a cat a Maine Coon on exhibitions or to take in trips to pregnancy time. The stress can negatively affect both health of a cat, and development of kittens.
 the Maine Coon licks himself on a photo balcony

On a photo: Maine Coon. Photo: pxhere.com

Possible complications at pregnancy of a cat a Maine Coon

One of the most frequent complications during pregnancy of a Maine Coon is an abortion. The Maine Coon can be the cause of an abortion at a cat inaccurate treatment of her or roughness, bad food, overheating or overcooling, infections, hormonal violations.

Usually abortions happen on the 4th or 5th week of pregnancy of Maine Coons. If the abortion occurs later, dead fruits can remain in a uterus. It is life-threatening cats so it is necessary to address the veterinarian.

To avoid similar succession of events, it is worth making thrifty use of a cat a Maine Coon during pregnancy.

Rhoda of a Maine Coon

Maine Coons are cats friendly and sociable, and these lines are brightly shown during pregnancy and childbirth. In particular, the cat can look for the help at the owner if something went wrong.

How to be prepared for a genus of a cat a Maine Coon

The place for a genus of a cat a Maine Coon should be prepared in advance. It can be the spacious cardboard box which is cut off so that the cat easily jumped inside, at the same time saw where it jumps, and did not injure kittens. At the same time walls have to be such height that kittens could not creep away from there.

The bottom should be laid white paper and diapers.

Prepare everything that can be necessary to deliver a cat a Maine Coon:

  • Clean sharp scissors to cut an umbilical cord.
  • Disinfectant both for the tool, and for hands.
  • Pipettes.
  • Diapers (disposable and fabric).
  • the Tiny enema by means of which you could suck away liquid if kittens choke at the time of delivery.
  • the veterinarian's Phone for an emergency.

As there takes place childbirth of a cat a Maine Coon

In day of childbirth a cat the Maine Coon worries, goes to a toilet more often, looks for the secluded place, more carefully than usual licks himself.

Kittens a Maine Coon are born in "sacks" which or are torn, or they are torn by a cat, and then licks kittens. If the cat is not capable to look after posterity, your task — to remove (accurately) a film from a muzzle of the kid and to cut an umbilical cord. If after that the cat is indifferent to the children, a clean diaper dry rub off a kitten. It is important to watch that kittens began to breathe, peep and creep at once.

On the course of genus of a cat the Maine Coon increases an interval between appearance of kittens. For example, the last kitten can be born in a day.

As soon as the last kid was born, the cat a Maine Coon calms down. At this time it is necessary to lay clean diapers in a box, to put a forage and water and to allow a cat and kittens to have a rest.

After the delivery from a vagina on an extent of 7 — 10 days allocations appear. It is normal if color of allocations red-brown and they have no pungent smell. If allocations plentiful, scarlet or have a pungent smell, urgently address the veterinarian.

When it is necessary to call the veterinarian at a genus of a cat a Maine Coon

  • At a cat a Maine Coon strong contractions, but at the same time in 1 — 2 hour the first kitten did not appear yet.
  • In time or right after childbirth bleeding is noticeable.
  • Temperature of a cat the Maine Coon falls lower than 37 degrees or higher than 40 degrees rise.
  • the Kitten got stuck in patrimonial ways more than for 10 minutes, and there is no patrimonial activity.

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