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the Thai cat breed – the real pearl of Thailand. They are clever, inquisitive, graceful, and their magic eyes literally bewitch. These cats were considered as sacred animals, lived in temples, royal palaces and houses of notable families. They were the mascots which are driving away evil spirits, respected them and jealously protected. There was a ban on evacuation of these animals from the country. But once the English consul who arrived to Bangkok received as a gift the Thai cat and a cat. So the unusual breed for the first time was chosen out of borders of the native land.

Thai cat breed: the description, rules of maintenance and leaving
the Thai cat breed – the real pearl Таиланда

Внешний a look

The Thai cats are very similar to Siamese therefore it is easy to confuse them. There are several signs by which it is possible to determine what breed at a cat – Thai or Siamese. The main difference – a shape of the head. At Thai it round, at the Siamese – wedge-shaped. Also Siamese cat has no nose bridge, and ears at him disproportionately big. These breeds had general ancestors therefore it is possible to consider them relatives.

Cats of the Thai breed tiny and elegant. At them a well-muscled slender body, widely placed small ears and a tail with the rounded tip. Wool short, smooth, soft and has practically no underfur. And still it does not shine even if to use balm or shampoo. The color meets different: white, cream, brown, gray. At all Thai cats the muzzle, a tail and paws on color are always more dark than a trunk. Even completely white kitten of this breed will find dark stains with age. Animals with a contrast color are especially appreciated and often become prize-winners at exhibitions.

The Thai cat draws attention not only an interesting color, but also a speaking glance. At cats of this breed of an eye of saturated blue color. On their homeland there is a legend according to which animals received such beautiful eyes in an award for the devotion.

Thai cat breed: description, rules of maintenance and leaving

Character and education

Whether the old legend is truthful? Whether really Thai cat – the partner and the loyal friend? Yes, these animals always strongly become attached to owners. If they feel love and respect, will reciprocate therefore important regularly to pay attention to the pet. The Thai cat will follow the owner on heels. If the family in which he lives decides to move, the cat will easily endure change of a situation and climate. For it the main thing that favourite people at the same time were near. Such pet is an animal partner.

Whether easily to bring up these cats? They are very clever and bright, but at the same time do not suffer when they are forced. It is important at once to let know to the pet what he cannot do in the house. He will always conform to the rules. The Thai kitten is easily accustomed to a tray and will not begin to spoil furniture if to buy it a kogtetochka.

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These animals are active, playful and curious. Any new thing will be instantly noticed and studied by them. They like to sit on a window sill and to watch what happens on the street therefore at windows there have to be grids. The Thai cat easily gives in to training. It can teach to be taken paws small objects, to get delicacy from a box, to open and close doors which it can reach.

Cats of the Thai breed are very talkative . It is one more their feature. An animal partner, meeting the owner from work, at once will begin to purr, telling about the cat's affairs. So the pet shows how strongly he missed. Representatives of this breed do not like to remain for a long time alone. The Thai cat will instantly get on knees and will demand caress if he did not see the whole day the owner.

Thai cat breed: description, rules of maintenance and leaving

It is important to note how these cats interact with other pets. Thais can be jealous and sensitive therefore it is important that they did not feel restrained. If the cat decides that with the advent of the new pet the owner began to love it less, then will try to eliminate the rival. It is necessary at once to let know that a new animal – not the enemy. Then the Thai cat will make friends with him.

These cats well get on with children. They will try to calm the crying baby caress and loud purring. But the house favourite will demand the same delicate relation also to the kids. When kittens are born, she will allow to offend to nobody them.

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Leaving and food

Wool representatives of this breed short, and have no underfur practically therefore the Thai cats do not need special leaving. They do not like to wash, but if necessary will courageously bear this unpleasant procedure. It is important that at the same time the owner was delicate and tender.

Thais need quality food. Can feed them with both homemade food, and a dry feed. In the second case it is necessary to add to a diet cat's canned food still. It is impossible to alternate two types of food: it can lead to problems with digestion. It is also important to remember that the dishes prepared for a cat should not contain some sugar and salt.

Thai cat breed: description, rules of maintenance and leaving

The pet can be fed with soup and porridge. It is better to give meat crude since at heat treatment it loses vitamins which are necessary for a cat. Fish in a diet of the Thai has to be sea. It needs to be boiled and cleaned from bones. Still cats of the Thai breed love milk, cottage cheese and cheese. These products contain protein and calcium therefore are important for good nutrition. Also yogurts without sugar and artificial additives will approach. The fresh grass and cereals will be useful too. They contain vegetable proteins and vitamins. It is possible to grow up wheat and barley on a window sill, and to walk a cat in the summer.

Thai cat breed: description, rules of maintenance and leaving

If the pet regularly goes on exhibitions, it is necessary to exclude seafood and a liver from his diet. From them wool can darken.

Representatives of the Thai breed live from 10 to 15 years. At them good health, but all the same it is not necessary to disregard sharp changes in appearance and behavior of the pet. Slackness, deterioration in appetite, aggression, loss of weight – signs that the animal needs to be shown to the veterinarian urgently.

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The most important for the Thai – care, love and attention. They are able to appreciate good attitude. The animal partner will be always infinitely betrayed to the owner.

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