• Jan 14, 2020

If you do not want to do harm to an organism of the fluffy favourite, then it is necessary to know with what drinks it is necessary to be especially careful.

Two Kittens Drink Milk from a Saucer


Before claiming that favourite delicacy of any cat is a milk and to hurry to pour her it in a bowl, it is necessary to deal with physiological features of an organism of an animal and to be convinced of whether it really is necessary for the pet.

The image which was fixed at many at the level of subconsciousness, being that little kittens eat mother's milk plays a mean joke with organisms of the pets who reached more advanced age. Yes, it is valid, this product is useful to animals, but only in case this cat's milk. It is so put by the nature and so has to be.

But here cow's milk or packaged store for cats not only is not useful, but also is harmful. At leave a "baby" state your pet loses ability of an organism to split milk on the simple elements suitable for assimilation. The lactose transformed by a kitten organism to simple sugar easily is digested. But at an adult animal fermentation of not processed product begins, there is a strong gas generation, swelling and as result, diarrhea.

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Water from under the crane

The tap water which did not undergo the corresponding cleaning can become the cause of temporary problems with a GIT of your pet or even to lead to developing of some disease.

Often in big cities drinking liquid gives in to disinfecting by chlorination. Besides, because of problems with the bringing system various impurity can get to water. If the liquid flowing from the crane not really high quality, then do not give it to a cat at all. If the animal insists, then as a compromise, install the filter on a system.

Boiled water

Some owners of cats are sure that they boiling process significantly improve quality of liquid, doing it suitable for drink. This absolute delusion bringing negative results. All the matter is that when boiling a part of liquid is exposed to evaporation, and it in turn promotes increase in concentration of salts in water.

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In the remained product there is a deposit which when mixing with fresh liquid forms so-called "heavy" water. The use of boiled water can provoke emergence at cats of an urolithic disease.


Infusion of a valerian medicinal is very useful to the person. But equally it is dangerous to an animal. In fact, the plant does not do harm to a cat's organism, but the infusions created on the basis of a maun-grass are not intended for the use by pets at all. The auxiliary synthetic substances which are a part of medicine can cause allergic reactions in a cat, alcohol is toxic and therefore it is dangerous.

The grass of a valerian is a peculiar drug for an animal, and such substances cannot bring benefit a priori. Also she is capable to cause aggression and excessive excitement that poses threat both for a pet, and for his environment.

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Kefir is a source of enormous amount of nutrients for a cat's organism. This fermented milk product strengthens immunity, slows down aging, and well affects health of the fluffy pet. And the calcium which is its part provides the shining wool, strong teeth and claws to your cat.

But even with such product it is necessary to be extremely careful. You do not feed for anything a cat with kefir if you just brought it from shop. This product is formed thanks to fermentation process therefore there is a production of ethyl alcohol which negatively affects work of a cat's organism.

To secure a product, open packing and leave it in such view of couple of days. During this time alcohol to disappear and kefir will become suitable for the use by an organism of your pet. It is worth to remember that the GIT of a fluffy not really well transfers saturated products. Therefore the fat content of kefir should not exceed 3.5%.

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