• Aug 15, 2019

People can not always make the chetverony friend of the family. The reasons for this purpose are different, and result always one — it is necessary to admire photos of foreign pets. But could unite under the same roof all defenders of cats to a kotokafa. The great choice for fans of cats was made by some businessmen from Russia. Having borrowed experience of foreign colleagues, volunteers began to open cafe with four-footed pets.

to Kotokafa — a great choice for fans of cats

Fans of fluffy cats will be able to spend in any day time in the pleasant company now. Starting such plan suggests not only to meet friends, but also to come to work for the laptop in a pleasant atmosphere. Students can fill a lack of house comfort, having visited such cafe.

Parents with small children who do not decide to bring the pet of the house will be able to bring children into cafe. But adults should consider that some businessmen establish to the double amount of payment for the child .

Is caused this trend by inability to behave in the presence of an animal. Kids often grab animals a tail, wool or moustaches, owing to the age interest. For this reason it is desirable not to drive children up to three years in such institutions.

Principle of Work of Institutions

But to you it is worth to remember also about the main destination of such institutions. Intend to a kotokafa not only for entertainment of children and tourists, their main objective — to find for pets of careful owners . Often lonely people, coming to drink coffee or to communicate to kitties, find to themselves the favourite and take away it with themselves. For this purpose it is necessary to discuss all nuances with owners of establishment.

based on these arguments, it is possible to claim that to a kotokafa — a great option for meetings and the choice of fans of cats.

But in such cafeterias, as well as in other institutions, there is a number of rules for visitors. should not neglect these postulates. not to break a habitual rhythm of animals, does not follow:

Features of Visit

  1. To visit cafe in footwear and outerwear.
  2. To iron animals dirty hands.
  3. To bring alcoholic beverages or to smoke indoors.
  4. To allow preschool children to play with animals independently.
  5. to Treat cats with the brought food . In some institutions it is allowed to buy delicacy for canine friends from employees of cafe.
  6. to Hold animals on hands against their will . It is also forbidden to bring with himself other animals.

Is allowed to take the picture for memory with cats and cats, but at the same time it is not necessary to use flash — it can frighten animals. Though everything depends on direct requirements of owners of an institution which are recommended to be specified at an entrance to coffee shop. Visit of such places gives a positive charge and a lot of positive emotions.

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