• Mar 5, 2019

Transportation of animals on the plane — the difficult procedure. When flying the pet has a stress therefore it needs to ensure comfort and safety. But in addition, it is necessary to follow rules of transportation which need to be known before taking a cat aboard the plane. Requirements at each airline can differ.

What Needs to Be Known before Taking a Cat Aboard the Plane

of the Rule of transportation on the plane

There are two ways of flight of an animal: in a cabin and in a compartment for baggage. Any transport company establishes special rules for transportation of animals. They need to be specified before flight. generally they are as follows:

Transportation of Cats on the Plane

  • Cats to two-three-months age, are not allowed to transportation.
  • The allowable weight of a cage with a cat to 8 kg. Large individuals fly only in a luggage compartment.
  • In salon it is possible to conduct no more than five animals at the same time. One passenger transports only one cage.
  • The place is reserved in advance. Send request to airline (specify animal type, his weight together with a cage, cage parameters). The answer needs to be received before purchase of the ticket.
  • The allowed container size for the pet no more than 115 cm (for his calculation summarize height, width and length). Usually boxes make of plastic.
  • In a container the cat has to be turned, lay down and get up freely in all growth. The bottom is covered the absorbing fabric. The owner provides water and a forage independently.
Some airlines forbid to take

animals in salon, then place a cat in a luggage compartment. Permission to export can be got after acquisition of the air ticket.

the Pet is additional baggage , for its transportation a separate fee is charged. It includes the weight of a cat and weight of a cage, other indicators. Each airline has quotations.

Survey of the Pet by the Veterinarian at the Airport

For foreign flight the animal has to have medical examination at the airport . At movement across the territory of Russia and the CIS just show the pet passport.

All formal procedures take a lot of time, it is necessary to arrive to the airport in advance. The pet receives the boarding pass.

Important documents

Before flight it is necessary to collect necessary references. Is required to process the relevant documents in advance, otherwise the pet will not be let aboard:

Documents for Transportation of a Cat

The International Documents on Animal

  1. The pet passport, with marks about inoculations. Procedures are carried out not less than in 30 days prior to flight and no later than 12 months to it. The document is received in any state veterinary clinic.
  2. The veterinary certificate (form No. 1-vt). It confirms absence of diseases at a cat. It is written out by the Public veterinary service after survey of an individual and verification of the pet passport. It is valid 3 days.
  3. Certificate of existence of the chip or brand.
  4. Boarding pass. Is given after verification of all documents. It is shown at registration for flight.

are in addition necessary For the international flights: international veterinary certificate. It is registered in veterinary service and in point of border control. The reference is also necessary, that the pet is not a valuable breeding copy.

All documents are processed in English. The animal owner is responsible for their granting.

Can be required other references. In each country the conditions. Information can be specified in embassy of the host country.

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