• Dec 31, 2019

Seems that cats can fall asleep anywhere and somehow. Owners sometimes find the favourites curtailed in a ball in the most unexpected place, beginning from book shelves, finishing with a sink. However the animal not accidentally chooses to itself "bed". The favourite corner can tell a lot of things about your pet.

What Will Tell the Place Which She Chooses for a Dream about Your Cat

be on the ball

You, perhaps, noticed that some cats seek to get as it is possible above. And they are stopped by no obstacles in a way. Often representatives cat's can be found on a complete kitchen; on regiments, cases and clothes; on backs of sofas and chairs. Some "acrobats" even manage to find balance, lying on a door.

The similar love to heights usually arises at cats who are sure of the superiority. They consider that in this house they ― main and as true owners, want to see well everything that occurs around. And it is the simplest to make it, being above.

At the battery

Normal body temperature at cats is about 38-39.3 degrees. The fact that for the person it seems in huge figures at which the doctor is called on the house and are accepted febrifugal, for cats ― quite to themselves a comfortable indicator.

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For certain temperature in 24-25 degrees, and it for cats quite cool level is maintained in your apartment. Therefore often fluffy favourites choose to themselves the place warmer, for example, at the heater or a radiator of central heating. Animals can sleep not only near it, but also directly on it.

Usually on radiators already elderly cats who try to warm up the stones, and sick pets with cold or a general malaise sleep. In the latter case at an animal tell additional symptoms about presence of a disease, for example, slackness, refusal of food and water, a fever, lachrymation of eyes, etc.

With the owner

Most of representatives of the cat family will not miss an opportunity to have a sleep near the owner. Most often they prefer the place at legs, at a stomach or even on the head. In certain cases the choice can be caused by desire to help with treatment. For example, the cat feels that at you the head aches, twists legs or the stomach hurts. The pet will carefully try to eliminate an indisposition.

But most often the habit to a joint dream is explained by love and trust to the owner. The pet comes to you because knows that he will be heartily welcomed, will stroke and will scratch behind an ear, and tries to pay back you with the same caress. Especially often cats come to the favourite owner at night when that sleeps, and settle more conveniently to protect your dream and to feel your heat.

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In a cat's lodge

The pet prefers such vacation spot in case he needs to stay in the quiet and protected atmosphere. Often cats choose the closed lodge for a dream in the apartment in which there are already other animals or children. Shouts, noise, bustle ― all this exhausts an animal therefore as a being the independent and loving personal space, the cat leaves there where it will not be got, most likely, ― in a lodge.

Do not worry, the pet will sleep off, will a little have a rest from excessive attention and again will cheerfully run and play.

Box, basin, box, basket

Love to the closed spaces at cats ― it something inexplicable. There is a set of theories about why these animals so love various boxes, baskets and boxes.

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One of theories says that the box (and all designs similar to it) possesses a specific smell which is associated at cat's with the childhood. Most of them, being kittens, lay in boxes where they were fed and protected by mother. Therefore at the subconscious level the box and any paper and wood closed designs correspond at them to a concept of safety and heat. So if your pet was frightened or too suffered prolonged anxiety, then he, most likely, will hurry to take refuge in the similar place.

The second version says that cats love the closed spaces as they by the nature are hunters. Basins, baskets, boxes ― this great shelter in which it is possible to wait long "victim", at the same time most remaining imperceptible. It is very convenient to sleep in such place too as you will hardly be found and disturbed.

The place for a dream which is preferred by your cat can tell a lot of things about it. Pay more often attention to where your fluffy favourite sleeps. Its choice can be caused by problems with health or shortage of personal space.

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