• Apr 5, 2018

For what needs cat's mint to the house purring favourites, their vagrant wild relatives and also all other animals from cat's family like panthers, lions and leopards? This grass which is called a kotovnik lemon or a kotovnik cat's was used since ancient times to allure domestic and wild animals of this family as its spicy smell very much is pleasant to them. Animals kind of get drunk with it, fall into euphoria, and begin delighted to ride on the ground or to run wildly.

Advantage of Cat's Mint for Cats
Kotovnik cat's, used since ancient times to allure domestic and wild animals of the cat family as her spicy smell very much to them нравится

Описание herbs

Cat's mint can be met along country roads, on waste grounds and around dumps, on edges of forest glades or on slopes of hills. This perennial grassy plant of family yasnotkovy, sorts kotovnik.

Cat's mint contains in the structure essential oil with a strong mint or lemon smell which just magically affects cats. The grass can be found as in the European, and Asian parts of the country, in the North Caucasus, in Siberia and in the Far East. Grows also in the southern regions, for example, in India, Nepal and Pakistan.

A stalk at a grass direct, strong and shaggy, triangular leaves are similar to the jagged hearts, the collected in brush small florets are painted in white, blue and lilac colors, and fruits represent smooth, an elliptic form nutlets of brown color. The main component of the essential oil sating mint is непеталактон. Besides, oil contains ascorbic acid, saponina, glycosides, tannins and bitterness.

The grass is used everywhere as spice, giving to a table in salads, herbal teas, cocktails and confectionery. And essential oil is applied in to a fragrance by production of soap and in the perfumery industry. Healers and sorcerers use mint as antivermicular means, at headaches and migraines, diseases of a throat and bronchitis, separate skin diseases and as the means increasing appetite.

Advantage of Cat's Mint for Cats
Cat's mint contains in the structure essential oil with a strong mint or lemon smell which just magically affects cats

Action on cats

In couple the cat and cat's mint occurs chemical reaction between the proteins of an olfactory receptor of nasal cavities of an animal stimulating each touch neuron, and contained in essential oil of a plant nepetalaktony. Cats are strongly excited, having felt favourite mint. Falling into fury, animals ride on a floor, loudly purring, pulling the head and continuing to lick or bite mint. They can begin to mew and jump, showing similarity to the alcoholic intoxication observed at people.

However, effect of this drug on cats has short character: literally in 10 minutes animals come back to the normal state. Then are put to bed to restore the energy spent during violence.

It is curious that similar exciting action of a kotovnik was observed also at some people, however such cases are extremely rare. Except people, to cat's mint also kittens up to 6 weeks are unreceptive. Moreover, as the susceptibility to a kotovnik is hereditary property, some cats show absolute indifference to a grass.

Reaction of cats on a kotovnik (video)

Advantage of application

Veterinarians consider a kotovnik cat's good means from the stressful situations arising at animals. As the grass is not strong drug and does not cause accustoming, it can be used before moving or visit of the doctor in a clinic.

Besides, some excited animals mint does quieter, and idlers sluggish before can become, on the contrary, live and playful. Thus, a kotovnik it is possible to use for correction of behavior of pets, not doing any harm to their health. Even if the grass gets inside, it has bactericidal effect on intestines and removes a possible spasm that is useful for cats doubly.

Some doctors advise to add dried or fresh leaflets of cat's mint to food to pets, especially if at cats small appetite or worms. Even if animals have no worms, a kotovnik it is possible to use as preventive antivermicular means, inexpensive and harmless to health of cats.

Now producers of goods for animals release toys for cats with a smell of cat's mint, including the kogtetochka impregnated with a smell of a kotovnik. It is possible also to impregnate both any toy, and a kogtetochka about which cats like to sharpen claws if to get already ready drops with essential oil. Such drops stimulate cats to sharpen claws not about furniture, and about special adaptation which the owner himself will provide for this purpose.

Advantage of Cat's Mint for Cats

Cultivation of a kotovnik of the house

In many pet-shops sell live cat's mint in pots or a dry grass in bags. Besides, it can just be dug on the waste ground near the house. If around the house such grass does not grow, it can be got already ready in a pot, in the market or in shop. Or to buy seeds, to put in a pot and to put on a window sill, it is better on the southern or southeast light windows. To water seldom that roots did not begin to rot.

The grass perfectly takes roots, easily breeds, and all family members can use it: to people – to put leaflets in tea and salads, and to cats – to mix small cut greens with food, to rub regularly kogtetochka and toys. Besides, the kotovnik frightens off mosquitoes. Thus, having planted such plant at home, it is possible to solve several problems at once.

of Property of cat's mint (video)

When is better not to use a grass

Some animals become aggressive from cat's mint. It is that case when the kotovnik with other grass, for example, valeryany or a honeysuckle is better to replace. Though, as well as in a case with people, alcohol or drug just allows to be shown to the internal properties of the subject hidden in everyday life under the certain restrictions imposed by the environment. Therefore kind people in state of intoxication sing and have fun, and angry grab a knife and are spoiling for a fight. Here and cats.

Besides aggressive and angry animals, the kotovnik is contraindicated to pregnant cats though experience shows that pets know better that it is possible for them and what is impossible. However it is better to make secure not to overexcite a cat cat's mint.

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