• Feb 24, 2018

for the pets comfortable living conditions. The lodge for a cat will become the best gift. The animal needs a secluded corner where it is possible to enjoy loneliness. But it is necessary to make a right choice that then in the house the useless piece of furniture did not appear. Lodges can various be constructive and be made of different materials.

The Basic Rules of the Choice of a Lodge for a Cat
People try to create for the pets comfortable living conditions

Types of lodges

Shelters for cats can look absolutely variously. It is necessary to consider what they are:

  1. The simplest and economic is a stove bench. the Small topchanchik with matrasiky. In principle, just the rug is a stove bench too. Has a set of the forms in the form of circles, rectangles, hearts and so forth. Are made of various materials, happen wattled, knitted, quilted.
  2. Slightly more difficult – a hammock . The small gamachok with fastenings on 4 parties quite can be made independently. It is possible to suspend anywhere, for example, between legs of a table or a chair.
  3. the Lodge for a cat in the form of the box . Construction very similar to the dog doghouse. Also there are a roof and a manhole. With only that difference that on a flat roof the stove bench is arranged. To a wall the kogtetochka or a short flight of stairs can be attached. For an upholstery inside soft fabric is also outside used. On functionality already more interesting design, simple and clear, it can be made with own hand.
  4. the Lodge from cardboard (usually from boxes) is the most economical option. Are short-lived, but are very cheap. Owners get rid of unnecessary boxes and at the same time diversify life of the favourite. The homemade product can be every time different. The form can be given in the form of a small hut, the lock or a yurta. The cat will hardly estimate it, but will amuse owners.
  5. Tiny ottoman, sofa or sofa. Imitation of furniture, only in a reduced form. Very much touches owners, though wards appreciate them too.
  6. the Adapted or built-in houses . It when furniture combines in itself 2 functions: serves the person on the direct appointment and at the same time is a shelter for cat's. It can be a table with a thick table-top where the space for their dwelling, or a bedside table is organized. A huge scope for imagination of designers.
  7. Well and, of course, the most interesting option is a game complex . Combines in itself all above-mentioned designs, i.e. there is directly lodge and also shelves, short flights of stairs, kogtetochka, toys and so forth. Figures prominently. In pet-shops a huge number of options is offered. But it is possible to build and independently.

How to choose a lodge for a cat (video)

What materials can use

It is necessary to consider in more detail what materials can be applied at a construction of the cat's house:

  1. Framework. Becomes for rigid structures, such as box or complex. Plywood, chipboard or wooden boards is used. For stove benches and hammocks usual fabric undertakes. The lack of not removed smells as no cat even close will approach such construction has to be an indispensable condition.
  2. Upholstery. the Game complex, as a rule, completely, inside and outside, is upholstered with fabric or other soft material. Boxes can be upholstered with felt, faux fur and even a carpet. The main thing that material was not strongly electrified from animal hair. For sewing of laying and small pillows plush, a velvet, baize and to them uses similar fabric.
  3. Fillers. stove benches and small pillows are considered Here. Foam rubber, holofiber, sintepon will be acceptable. But it is possible to use also special granules.
  4. the Sharpener for claws. thick rough ropes, usually from jute are used. They are reeled up on a basis from a tree, plastic or metal.
  5. Fixing and connecting elements. They have to be strong and therefore it is usually recommended to use self-tapping screws, screws and nails. For connection of details of a framework it is possible to use metal and plastic corners. It is more preferable not to paste fabric, and to beat the stapler or even nails.

Materials are used the most different. All above-mentioned belongs more likely to how to make a self-made lodge. Store designs, especially design, can be made of anything.

The Basic Rules of the Choice of a Lodge for a Cat

How to pick up option

At the solution of a question of how to choose a lodge for a cat, it is necessary to consider many factors. It is no secret, that cat's have different temperaments and characters. It is necessary to recognize that choose the dwelling for an adult cat because kittens inevitably become those. It does not make sense to take the certain house for the little pet. They grow quickly. So, what needs to consider :

  1. Character of a cat. If she is a modest woman and is afraid of foreign people, then it is necessary to choose a shelter in which it will not be visible. And it has to stand in the secluded place. If the owner – the owner of a fighting and sociable cat who needs to survey all vicinities then he needs to make the place on the open area. It is possible even in the middle of the room.
  2. needs to consider the lodge sizes for a cat. In length it has to be sufficient in order that the cat lay on one side in all the growth. But it is not recommended to get very big lodges for cats.
  3. Height on which place stove benches. In case the animal likes to get somewhere highly and there to have a sleep, it should make "floor" higher. Ordinarier pets will suit the baskets and stove benches standing on a floor.
  4. the Number of the pets living in the house. If the cat got kittens or owners so love the pets that are not ready to leave with one of them (as a result in the house the whole cat's guard hangs around), then the big game and housing estate is simply necessary. It has to contain several houses and stove benches at the different levels, various toys and short flights of stairs. Cat's it will be estimated.
  5. any house should not have a pungent smell At all. Cats are very exacting to this factor.
  6. should pay Close attention to good stability of a cat's lodge. Too easy designs can shake and fall. Active cats will avoid such place. To them it will be uncomfortable there.
  7. In order that the animal mastered new acquisition quicker, recommend to use cat's mint . Its smell will inevitably involve the new owner of the house.

The Basic Rules of the Choice of a Lodge for a Cat

Production by the hands

It is possible to save considerably money if to make the cat's house independently. It is not as difficult at all as can seem at first sight. It is not necessary to be the master furniture maker or the professional carpenter. It is only enough to have the necessary tool, materials, and, above all – desire. It is possible to use unnecessary, apparently, things, such as:

  • remains and scraps of plywood, chipboard, wooden boards;
  • fabric rags, old covers or plaids;
  • not used boxes;
  • old quilts or even linings from jackets and a coat (batting, sintepon).

It is absolutely simple to make the box of plywood. the Main actions consist in the following operations:

  • to cut out from a plywood leaf of a detail by in advance counted sizes;
  • by means of fasteners (self-tapping screws, euroscrews, screws, corners) to connect parts among themselves;
  • in one of parts of a lodge not to forget to cut the fret saw a manhole of the sufficient size;
  • with a carpet, an old blanket or something another soft to upholster an internal part of the house;
  • to trim with decorative material the box outside;
  • on a roof to lay a layer of soft heater, then to put fabric and to beat the stapler.

The Basic Rules of the Choice of a Lodge for a Cat

Similar cat's boxes can be made also of old cushions.

It is much simpler to sew beautiful plank beds. Here at all no special tool is required, and needs to be taken:

  • fabric (2 pieces);
  • filler (cotton wool, sintepon, foam rubber);
  • threads, needle (sewing machine).

The technology is extremely simple. Between 2 layers of fabric to lay filler, to sew all this on perimeter and to quilt. Edges can be decorated with a fringe, bows, a tape and in general anything. If is planned to arrange this small pillow on a chair, then it is necessary to provide ties on corners. Though it not necessarily has to be rectangular. It can give any form.

Also the design from a cardboard box is not less simple. It is necessary to cut out in one of sides an opening for a manhole, and on a bottom of a box to put soft fabric. Voila, the lodge is ready!

The Basic Rules of the Choice of a Lodge for a Cat

And here to build a complex, the minimum skills in production and design of furniture are already necessary. It quite can do to most of people. Approximate technology is as follows:

  1. From plywood or chipboard to cut out necessary details. First of all this basis on which there will be all construction. Then – details for the box or boxes (if them is a little) and also the platform for plank beds (shelves).
  2. To make houses boxes and plank beds on already described technologies.
  3. To prepare metal or plastic pipes. It is possible to use wooden shanks.
  4. On the basis to fix all elements by means of metal corners, screws and self-tapping screws.
  5. Properly to attach plank beds.
  6. To wrap up pipes a jute rope as it is possible more densely that the cat did not pull together everything down. It is necessary to try to cover all visible fixture carefully.
  7. Now it is possible to fix a kogtetochka, a short flight of stairs and toys.

How to construct a lodge for a cat independently (video)

At production of game complexes it is necessary to consider features of the cat. For example, the lodge for a Maine Coon should be made more, than for an ordinary cat. And plank beds it is recommended to have at bigger height. Wild ancestors hunters gave to this breed love to height and requirement to track down production.

In the lodge made with own hands and considering specific features, the pet will enjoy life and comfort.

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