• Feb 6, 2020

Why Bengalese cats?

We very much wanted to get something live in the house. At us there lived both turtles, and hamsters, and pigs, and rabbits … who was only not! But these animals … you love them, look at them – and there are no emotions special. Therefore we decided that we need a kitty.
We studied breeds on the Internet, consulted, looked at Abyssinian cats, the British, but stopped nevertheless on the Bengalese breed. It was pleasant to us the emotionality and vivacity. There was a wish such house mini-леопардика. All also began with it.
We bought
a kitty from a family tree because we planned to be engaged in cultivation at once.
the Kitty went to us to hands at once, took seat to the husband on knees, and though there were addresses of other nurseries, we more did not go anywhere. So we had ours of the Cheetah. Houses we call her Gep.
Bengalese Cat the Bengalese cat from nursery of Spotted Company

And how adapted the Cheetah?

the Manufacturer warned us that the first days we did not leave a kitty one at home. I just had days off, and these days of the Cheetah followed me on heels. Where I will sit down – jumped on knees. Though she behaved watchfully: studied everything, sniffed.
But adapted easily: at once began to eat and go to a tray.
the Manufacturer gave us a little forage and filler that there was a native smell. So she at us also got accustomed.

How many it was when she became a mother?

In July, 2016 to a cat was executed year, and in November she had the first dung.
Was quite difficult to find the gentleman. We went on exhibitions to confirm the right for cultivation, experts have to estimate a cat, otherwise kittens will not be given a family tree. At an exhibition we also got acquainted with the owner of a cat.
Was born one kitten – a kitty Sparta. In March, 2017 Sparta went to an exhibition and took the 3rd place there. In the same place it found to itself new owners.

What mother from the Bengalese cat?

We got ready for its childbirth, read much, prepared all necessary: both disinfectants, and scissors, and threads for an umbilical cord perevyazyvaniye – thought, maybe, she knows nothing and will not be able. But it the good fellow – coped.
of the Cheetah became mad mother. It did not give to Sparta life! Constantly went behind it, washed. Only the kitten will shirk somewhere – a cat run behind it. But also strict mother: if that not as will knock a paw on a muzzle! Even bit moustaches. Sometimes I had to interfere.

How to feed the Bengalese cat?

In feeding everything depends on the manufacturer and on the kitten owner. Of course, if kitten to accustom to eat some delicacies, for example, chicken fillet, he will refuse dishes more simply.
our cat – on the mixed food. We buy a dry feed of different tastes, but also we give meat, cream, quail eggs (2 – 3 pieces a week). However, porridges it are does not want.
Recommendation of the manufacturer: It is worth approaching a question of feeding responsibly: at bengals a sensitive stomach, and digestion it is easy to upset .
of Sterns of economy class should not be given. Though the cat, probably, would eat with pleasure.

Bengalese cats talkative?

Very talkative! And still bengals very emotional. You come home from work – and she already meets by the "meow!" Also shows, that she ate, as descended in a toilet that she made or did not make.
Bengalese Cat of a Photo the Bengalese cat from nursery of Spotted Company

Bengals unruly cats?

of the Cheetah of Skodas does not do yet. But, of course, when it at us appeared, we showed that it is necessary to obey.
the Manufacturer advised
if the cat does something forbidden, slightly to slap in a paw the newspaper curtailed into a tubule and It is impossible to tell it "!" Then they will draw in ears and already know that it cannot be done.
We explained too that it is impossible to touch flowers on a window sill, to climb curtains, etc.
of Observation of the manufacturer: The Bengalese cats give in to education, and to itself it is quite quite good. In any case, furniture at us in the house whole, including a leather sofa.
But I almost round the clock was the first 2 weeks with Geparda of the house. Also said what it is possible to play with and with what it is impossible.
seems to Me, they can be trained if desired very well.

the Bengalese cats of a toy Love?

Extraordinary! It seems to me, they even in an extreme old age will play with toys – such it is breed.
Observations of the manufacturer: If to a bengal to throw a toy, he will run behind it, will begin to play, but if notices that nobody looks (and as it nobody watches how it plays!), will bring it to you and will wait when you throw it again .
Can throw a candy wrapper or candy lollipop – and the cat with the same enthusiasm will send them on the house.
It again the pregnant woman, but still runs and jumps. I sometimes for it worry, but I trust an animal instinct.

the company Is important to the Bengalese cat?

We work with
for days on end, and the cat rejoices to our arrival, but, most likely, the most part of day she sleeps. Because we leave food when we leave, and having come from work, I often find out that she even almost did not eat.

Where your cat prefers to sleep?

Now in the house is cold, and the Cheetah prefers to sleep under a blanket at us in legs. And so usually she sleeps in a chair – there for her a soft laying.
A here lodges she does not favor. She needs to see everything. How it – will something occur, and she is not aware? She likes to sit on a special rack, watching the events.
in the Summer, during a heat, she lays down on a floor, on a tile.

it is heavy to look after the Bengalese cat?

seems to Me, these cats do not fade at all. And no care of wool is demanded. They do not need to be combed out, they wash.
Observations of the manufacturer: It is possible to walk in black trousers at home, and on them there will be no wool. Their hair pleasant, silky to the touch .
Only – approximately for day 3 prior to an exhibition we to the Cheetah bathe.

As Cheetah behaved at exhibitions?

the First time to it it was a little uncomfortable
: it is a lot of unfamiliar animals and smells. Therefore hour 3 it sat in a cage, sometimes even hissed if someone approached. And then reconciled, and for the second day felt practically as at home and quietly watched the events.
But these cats in general easily adapt to a new situation.
Bengal of a Photo

to Whom you would not give a kitten?

seems to Me, the kitten itself feels to whom at it soul lies and to whom is not present. Sometimes, happens, people approach, take on hands – and kittens belong watchfully. And at someone sits quietly, attentively looks, purrs. Therefore I will leave it to choice of the kitten.

What owner is necessary to the Bengalese cat?

First of all, the person has to love animals in general. If to take this cat just for appearance, probably, nothing will turn out. There has to be a mutual love and compatibility of characters – only then it is possible to live together and to understand each other.
If the person loves
that in the house it was silent, quiet, nothing ran anywhere, then, of course, you should not take a bengal. It is better to choose British who will sleep for days on end. But if you love that it was alive and that the cat reacted to you, played with you, ran up – take a bengal.
the Bengalese cat will not sit in place. Where you went – it will go afterwards. If I prepare, she sits next on a stool. Without her you will not go to the bathroom, otherwise she will be indignant. And if to let inside, she will sit in a corner, to touch water and to be played with it.
But all night long our cat sleeps.
in general, the owner of a bengal has to be active, then it will like an active cat.

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