• Apr 13, 2019

It is necessary to look after constantly the pets and to watch over their health. Beautiful wool — pride not only for owners, but also animals. Care of it is a constant comb-out and water procedures with special medicines. Therefore it is necessary to select correctly shampoos and balms that the pet looked beautifully and it is well-groomed. Veterinarians recommend 7 best care products for hair of cats and dogs.

Means for Care of Hair of Dogs and Cats

When lives in the house a pet, behind it careful leaving by means of special means is necessary.

The best of them:

Special Dogs Shampoos

Balms for wool

How to Choose Means for Care of Dogs and Cats

  1. Special shampoo from koltun . Such problem often arises at animals with long wool. If to use similar means, then she will not fall down in lumps, and it is much easier to comb her. At some medicines also the fact that they prevent a hair loss belongs to advantages.
  2. the Looking after shampoo with useful ingredients . For example, with an aloe belief. This component positively influences animal hair. It will beautifully shine and will become soft. Such shampoos happen for adult animal and little (puppies). If the pet has some rashes or other diseases of skin, then shampoo will treat and calm skin.
  3. Shampoo with proteins . It is usually intended for the pets inclined to an allergy. If to use it, then the animal will look well-groomed.
  4. Dry shampoo . Will become excellent rescue if the animal is afraid of water. It is spray which sprays the powder purifying wool from pollution. If in plans to go with the pet to a travel, then similar spray is the real assistant. Using it, it is possible not to be afraid that water will be filled in in ears.
  5. Curative shampoo . Has to contain antifungal components which will normalize release of skin fat.
  6. Balm from pincers . If there were parasites, then the doctor will prescribe special remedies, but also balm needs to be used too. It is enough to apply every two weeks to prevention.
  7. Balm with pleasant aroma . Sometimes there are cases when from an animal badly smells because of different situations. To prevent a smell, it is necessary to use balms with resistant and bright aroma. For example, began to smell mints, a lavender or a lemon.

For care of hair of cats and dogs exists many means, but it is previously possible to consult with the veterinarian. The expert will be able to recommend an optimal variant depending on breed of an animal and features of his contents. And also the doctor is guided by health of the pet and his tendency to allergic reactions.

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