• Feb 16, 2020

Once in the city of Richmond of the State of Virginia, on the street was found a cat. Exhausted, weakened and frightened, it just fell on the sidewalk and was unable not to rise any more. Besides, quickly it became clear that the foundling also completely blind.

Blind Stevie

The local homeless animals shelter was crowded, and the unfortunate cat was sent to Society of protection of the animals who underwent ill treatment. There the blind animal was looked after by the young volunteer by the name of Price Makintayr.

The young man could only assume that the blind foundling had to worry on the street. Traces and marks on a body of a cat did not leave the place for doubts that people cruelly managed with it, without having left in animal soul even of a hint on trust.

The cat to whom named Stevie did not love people. Life on the street taught him to anybody to believe therefore the foundling extremely carefully and mistrustfully treated all. And his blindness aggravated its already unenviable position.

Besides, the lack of sight at Stevie prevented it to see those who tried to care for it. And as the blind pet had no place to run, all events with it are improbable its scarecrow and forced to hide and be protected.

Exotic cat breeds with a color as at a leopard

the 19-year-old volunteer Price took the exhausted animal under the guardianship and protection. Said to him that is not present washed away to spend time for a hopeless cat, but the young man listened to nobody.

Price understood that to him it will be difficult, Stevie allowed even to approach to nobody himself. It just lay, refusing even food.

Having thought, the volunteer solved: well, the cat does not see him, but he hears it! Also found own way of building relations from Stevie.

It began to come to the foundling from one of books about Harry Potter – the boy wizard, the written famous British writer D.K. Rowling.

Such unusual choice of literature was not accidental. His Price was prompted by stylistics of Society of protection of animals. All rooms were decorated with the attributes connected with the magic world of Harry Potter.

The volunteers who are fond of a story about magic and having good imagination distributed animals on faculties which were at school of sorcery and magic Hogwarts.

As "the distributing hat" children who sent pets to this or that faculty, proceeding from characteristics of an animal acted.

the Table of correspondence of age of cats in transfer to human measures

Having a little observed a blind cat, he is decided to send to Puffenduy. Because, despite some aggression, Stevie had quiet and even good-natured temper.

Price long talked to the ward and read him the book, dressed in a school uniform of this faculty.

The young man did not even hope that Stevie will go for contact at once. Also was not mistaken. First the blind pet did not react to the speech of the reading guest in any way, without paying any attention to Price at all. From outside could seem that a cat not only the blind person, but also the deaf.

But every day ice heart of Stevie gradually thawed, and the cat began to show signs of some interest. Probably, he began to get used to a smell and a voice of the persistent story-teller and understood that that does not bear it the malice.

There were days, Price inspired with the first small progress patiently came every day to Stevie and read to him about Harry Potter. And gradually the cat began to trust the new friend.

Main - to find the place in life or as the cat received the service record

Several weeks later, it began to approach the young man and to lay down near it when that read it the book. It turned out that the blind cat has gentle disposition. He loves when it is ironed and itself with pleasure caresses people.

In time spent in a shelter, Stevie let know that he is very obedient and understanding pet. Despite the total blindness, he freely is guided in space and even plays with other volunteers.

At a blind cat hearing and sense of smell are aggravated that quite compensates total absence of sight. Price so strongly became attached to Stevie that after a while understood that he does not want to leave him.

He decided to take away a cat to himself home, but did not know how his mother will react to this news. But the young volunteer did not manage to carry out conceived. The blind fan Harry Potter was taken away in family by other people.

The love, care and improbable patience of Price returned to Stevie belief in a miracle and in people, and allowed it to find the house and the loving family.

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