• Mar 15, 2018

is a qualitative product which is made in the Czech Republic by the Brit-VAFO PRAHA company. It is an excellent product at the affordable prices. Contains anti-allergenic sublimated chicken meat in the basis. The forage "Is shaven" is issued in dry and damp consistence.

Brit Cat Food Cat food Is shaven
is a qualitative product which is made in the Czech Republic by the Brit-VAFO PRAHA company.
the Products of a super-premium class are manufactured by

in a look:

  • meat pieces in sauce, pastes and jelly;
  • dry feed .
Brit Cat Food Cat food Is shaven
– an excellent product at the affordable prices.

Structure of a forage

The products of this producer are divided into Care and Premium. Premium is a cat's forage of a premium class which part chicken meat is.

are available:
  • chicken and fish fats;
  • rice bran;
  • cellulose;
  • minerals and vitamins.

Obligatory Brit Premium additives are:

  • chicken;
  • fat of a bird;
  • salmon oil;
  • beer yeast;
  • dried apples.

The damp forage "Is shaven" is in the increased demand as it is tasty and fragrant that attracts cats.

A stern "Is shaven" do not contain harmful components, in them there are no dyes, preservatives and fragrances.

of Feature of a forage Is shaven (video)

the Forage of Brit Care incorporates:

  • chicken liver;
  • meat of chicken without bone;
  • the dehydrogenated indyushiny and chicken meat;
  • krushinovidny sea-buckthorn;
  • plantain;
  • extract of a yucca of a shidiger;
  • vitamins;
  • minerals;
  • rice bran;
  • beet press;
  • beer yeast;
  • prebiotics.

Dehydrogenated – it means the dehydrated meat which after processing does not lose tastes. "Caret" is the best choice for your pet. All pets need the balanced healthy food, their health depends on it.

Brit Cat Food

Positive and negative sides

Advantages of cat food "Is shaven":

  • balanced structure;
  • quality ingredients;
  • a forage in wide assortment;
  • adequate price;
  • meat is used and protein of animal origin prevails;
  • veterinarians and manufacturers recommend;
  • at a stern there are enzymes and prebiotics improving digestion;
  • as a part of a forage there is no corn.

product Shortcomings:

  • in structure there is beer yeast which often is allergen;
  • big percent of ashes;
  • the composition of ingredients is not completely disclosed;
  • there are "odorous" cat's trays;
  • suits not all murlyka (disorder of digestion, an allergy).

Brit Cat Food

of the Kind of products

Line of the Brit Premium dry cat food:

  1. With chicken and rice. It is intended for young animals, kittens, pregnant cats. Has the balanced diet. In its structure there are all necessary components for maintenance of beauty, health of a kitten and an adult cat. Contains prebiotics, vitamin E, important for development.
  2. For adult cats has the same components, the maintenance of proteins is only increased.
  3. With a salmon, chicken and rice it is made for adult animals.
  4. For the sterilized cats and cats – with chicken and rice. In structure there are elements necessary for prevention of diseases of urinary tract.

Brit Cat Food

Line of the Brit Care dry cat food:

  1. With a duck and a salmon – for picky cats. Cats with small appetite will not be able to refuse this food. In it there are no cereals. The mineral complex is balanced, there is a big percent of natural meat.
  2. With a salmon and rice – for leather and wool. In structure there are an Omega-3, extract of barkhatets, biotin and zinc.
  3. With rice and chicken – for the kittens pregnant and the feeding cats. In structure at it the dehydrogenated meat – 25%, meat without bone - 22%. There are prebiotics for stimulation of immunity, proteins and minerals, the Omega-3 for development of a brain.
  4. A dry feed of Brit care – for cats who constantly are in the room and do not happen on the street. In a product there is a beet, apple and a plantain. They are necessary for removal of lumps of wool from a stomach of an animal. Vitamin C and hexametaphosphate are from formation of a scale.
  5. For the sterilized cats and cats – with chicken and rice and with addition of extract of a pear-shaped sea-buckthorn (it improves a condition of kidneys and urinary tract).
  6. A dry feed of Brit care – for cats who have tendency to obesity. Apple, a plantain and beet promote exchange processes. The balanced ratio of fats, cellulose and proteins will prevent obesity.

Brit Cat Food

The carried-out analysis of responses of buyers says that the forage "Is shaven" well is suitable for cats with different problems. At its use the appearance of an animal improves: the molt decreases, weight if necessary is lost, teeth become stronger, wool becomes shining, more contrast and more accurate the drawing on wool looks (spots, strips).

But nevertheless proved Brit Care forage, than Brit Premium better. It is made of better ingredients. Especially buyers approve canned food which has an appetizing appearance, and meat pieces in them have a smell of truly natural product. At a stern there is a chicken fillet and good percent of venison.

As is correct to feed a cat (video)

Products "Is shaven" will help to make an individual diet for each cat. Healthy cats are fed 2 times a day, but by no more than 200 g. Castrated the stern a little more – 250 g is given. The pregnant cat should be fed more and more often: not less than 250 g and 3 times a day. But you should not be zealous too as it can result in congestion of an organism. Right after food the bowl should be removed not to grow up "beggar". But you remember that malnutrition is also harmful, as well as overeating. The cat who eats a dry feed always has to have an access to water.

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