• Jan 13, 2020
Only fans of cats know that it always a warm, magnificent, fur hot-water bottle.

What character at the British cat?

Each kitten is born with the character.
Generally the British cats treat foreign people calmly. Someone will go for contact at once, someone will sit aside and to observe.
Kittens of the British Short-haired Breed Kittens of the British short-haired breed
the British cats are quiet and wise. If the cat is not or very seldom is in public places, transport, then she will show vigilance, to hide – it is normal for any breed, after all it is the unfamiliar environment.
of Observation of the manufacturer: We often go with a cat or kittens from Babruysk to Minsk, they transfer the road well. Even if to release from carrying, then the cat sleeps on a seat or will come to hands.
Foreign sounds, rustles, objects always attract interest, as a result the cat goes to understand that to what, but she alerted. At such moments it is necessary to approach and support a cat, to stroke and calm her, to explain … all of them understand!
Of course when the vacuum cleaner works, cats go to other room, but there are cats from our dung which treats the vacuum cleaner absolutely calmly – it to us was told by new parents of kittens.
of Observation of the manufacturer: In spite of the fact that the British – artificially removed breed, instincts did not get to anywhere. The British cats are great hunters, it is checked at the dacha (there are no mice any more, brought all and put in a row), and foreign cats and dogs even do not thumb the nose.
is necessary to Very often British cats the help at childbirth (ours only makes an effort, all the rest is done by me), but mother it is fine: kittens always clean and fed, I can be quiet.
the British cats very much like to play
, the most active age – up to 4 months. Playful they remain about one year, later become adult and important, quieter, sleep more and observe. At adult age the British like to spend time with owners at the computer, the TV, etc.
the British cats give in to training. We since the childhood accustom kittens to a kogtetochka, to a name, to a tray, to a word it "is impossible".
our cat understands everything, even one my look is enough for it. Sometimes it seems to me that she reads my mind. Very often happens so: you go about the own business, the cat sleeps somewhere, I, without telling anything to her, thought to give yum-yum and I follow it, and Lanka jumps and runs me forward. Or she sits and "saws" me a look, and I, having looked at her, I understand that she wants yum-yum. And there is a question: I solved it or it gave the thoughts to me?
Loneliness the British transfer
quietly. Of course it is about time when owners at work. Generally cats eat at this time and sleep, wait for evening.
So far the cat feeds with
(up to 2.5 - 3 months), it concerns kittens normally. When kittens become more senior than 4 - 5 months, the cat begins to treat them in a different way: to someone it is loyal, someone can irritate. At cats is not present, such concept "mother and son" as at people, the cat son can tie also a cat mother (that is very dangerous).
Much depends on how the cat treats other cats, the single it or not. In general, cats and cats can live together if they psychologically normally transfer this accommodation. Divide them when at cats of a techka.
U us was bought kittens to the house where there lived doggies, all normally adapted and got on.
in general, relationship with other animals depend on character of a specific cat. If the cat "single", then it aggressively reacts to any foreign animal.
As for the relations with children, our cat appeared at us till the child's birth, but accepted the daughter quietly, even slept with her in a bed. Kittens appeared already at the child, they grew and played together.
of Observation of the manufacturer: If British was offended somehow, then he will surely show the discontent. Can navrednichat, only it will be at once, he will not save offense.
the British cats for any movement in the house, for any repair, all it attracts them, and they like to take part in it. When we did the game complex, the cat participated in process from the moment of design in AutoCAD and finishing with assembly. When the project was complete, the cat was happy and showed it very clearly.
If the British cat pedigree, it has pedigree titled parents, then 99% that she will be balanced since unbalanced cats are disqualified and should not go to cultivation. Therefore it is important to address upon purchase of a kitten to official nurseries.

How to look after the British cat?

our pets very much love high game complexes, in lodges sleep only when it is cold, and so to them hot in such fur coat.
clothes is not necessary to the British, they do not love hot stove benches. In the summer often look for cool places (for example, a tile). Our cats sleep where will want and as will want, there is no one favourite place.
Recommendation of the manufacturer: The British cats large and weighty therefore also a complex with a kogtetochka have to correspond (big and strong).
From toys they very much love "makhalka" with feathers or strings from skin, balls-poprygunchiki, mice, any labyrinths, boxes, etc. The main thing – to remember that the toy has to be safe (the protected edges of nothing sharp that can get at a game into an eye that there was no it that it is possible отгрызть and to eat (believe, they have sharp teeth and "scratch").
of Observation of the manufacturer: Cats love the toys, especially new and if there is nothing new, then can think up a toy to themselves, for example, to pull down a scrunchy (that is very dangerous because can eat), a candy wrapper, a piece of paper, a stopper of a plastic bottle … One our graduate in the new house was accustomed to remove a corner from plinths and to send him on the house.
will not refuse "vkusnyashka". Someone buys special delicacies, our pets have a delicacy: vitamins, damp forage and canned food.
Can tell that the British cats are choosy in food, but if to pick up a good forage, then the problem will leave. Usually, eunuchs or the sterilized cats are inclined to overeating and obesity.
Recommendation of the manufacturer: Anyway, we are responsible for those who were tamed, and have to watch with what we feed animals and in what quantity. It is better to use special forages and to respect the rules depending on animal weight (all information is on packings).
the Correct British wool is similar to a muton (plush): short, elastic, with a good underfur. At the healthy balanced nutrition care of wool is minimum.
We bathe cats of times a year, we comb out few times in a week special hairbrushes or a rubber hairbrush mitten. In the period of a molt it is necessary to comb out more often.
Recommendation of the manufacturer: The main thing – is correct to choose care products. It is impossible to use slicker brushes with frequent teeths without the protected ends, it is impossible to wash often a cat, it is better to use special napkins for wool.
At due leaving the British cats live long (16 – 18 years). However the British cats have to look round periodically veterinarians, and if it is necessary, to receive the corresponding treatment.
the British cats very clean also demand
that bowls always were clean that water was fresh – it is correct. Do not like to bathe, but suffer with firmness.

How to choose a kitten of the British short-haired breed?

We brought up not one dung and noticed one regularity: people choose the pets very similar to themselves as externally, so on character. It is necessary to listen to the heart!
First "dowry" which needs to get:
  • the bowl for a forage and water, is better ceramic and wide
  • kogtetochka or complex
  • tray or toilet lodge
  • filler
  • a forage (to specify at the manufacturer)
  • the carrying (calculated on 6 – 12 kg depending on a sex of a kitten), it is better plastic (in it not hot and it it is easy to wash).
British Short-haired Kittens
British short-haired kittens

What owner is necessary to the British short-haired cat?

the British short-haired cat will suit any person who loves cats, is ready to care for them which really understands that it is responsibility.
Parents of our graduates constantly keep with us in contact, adhere to our recommendations. They in a month for keeping of a cat on average have $25 – 30. This sum includes feeding by a good forage (a premium class above), yum-yum, good filler. But, in addition, annual inoculations, quarterly preventive pro-races of external and internal parasites, planned surveys by the veterinarian will be required.

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