• Aug 23, 2019

Each fan of cats knows that this animal is not only the friend, but also a source of positive emotions: amusing games, cozy purring. Besides, there is an opinion that the cat, laying down on the person to the area of this or that body, is capable to treat him.

Whether the Cat Feels a Disease when Lays Down on the Person

National signs

According to beliefs, pets are not just like that put to bed on the person, and do it in connection with ability to healing. If the cat regularly lays down on the same place not a body, it is worth listening to the organism: the animal can foresee appearance of various diseases.

If to trust national signs, it is worth paying special attention that the pet keeps within on a stomach, the area of a solar plexus. So the animal can help to cope with a depression and melancholy. And in it there is a sense because cats are known for the ability to catch a stressful condition and bad mood of the owner.

It is also separately possible to mark out superstitions which are connected with origin of new life. In a sign it is told: if the cat takes seat on a stomach of the woman and masses it paws, it can serve as the proof of the fact of pregnancy or fast conception.

Rational explanation

One of the simplest explanations for the fact that cats are put to bed on the owners is that to an animal warmly and comfortably. It also explains the reason that the pet guesses where there is a sore point: as temperature of sick body increases, the cat seeks to nestle on the warm place closer.

One more logical explanation can be considered what the cat trusts the owner and near it feels safe. Besides, the animal considers the owner and marks him by means of friction. The person does not catch this smell, and here it gives to a cat feeling of rest and security.

Many speak about willfulness of cats, but, despite it, our pets love us and lay down on us to please. It explains their ability to treat for melancholy.


the cat of a disease Can treat

There is no definite answer to this question. Undoubtedly, positive influence on the sick person is present, such influence was even given the name — a felinoterapiya. Besides, a number of the scientific research conducted in various corners of the world confirmed that finding of the patient near a cat promotes his faster recovery. However the felinoterapiya cannot be all diseases medicine, and serves only as an auxiliary factor. Naturally, the expert has to appoint the main treatment.

There is a set of various theories concerning why the cat lays down on the person. But can only one be claimed with confidence: these surprising animals are an invariable source of positive emotions and friends with whom it will never be lonely.

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