• Mar 29, 2019

At representatives of the cat family childbirth most often proceeds easily and does not demand intervention of the person. But in certain cases the lack of control of process from the owner can end with the death of mother or her cubs. The manufacturer should know 5 signs of the complicated childbirth at cats in time to render to the favourite the necessary help.

Signs of the Complicated Childbirth at Cats

Normal the kitten is born within an hour after the beginning of patrimonial process.

needs to be tracked that the cat did not crush kittens and also to be convinced that there was an afterbirth.

If complications are observed and nearby there is no expert, it is possible to try to cope independently:

What Difficulties Can Occur at a Cat at Childbirth

Childbirth at a Cat

  1. The cub can be born completely covered with an amniotic cover. If the cat does not pay attention to the kid, it is necessary to put on sterile gloves and to independently exempt a small animal from a film. After that it is necessary to wipe a kitten a dry napkin and to remove slime from his airways by means of the pipette.
  2. If the cub does not give signs of life in spite of the fact that his mouth and a nose are cleaned from mucous allocations, it is possible to pour over him at first cool, and then warm water.
  3. The long childbirth proceeding more than five hours it is necessary to stimulate by means of introduction 0.5 cubes of the gamavit and easy stroking of area of a uterus. If the prick did not work within an hour, it is necessary to enter the same quantity of oxytocin.
  4. If the female does not make an effort and practically does not give signs of life, she needs to stick a calcium gluconate. The dosage pays off depending on the body weight of the alumna.
  5. Sometimes the kitten comes legs forward and gets stuck in patrimonial ways. In this case it is necessary to pull out a cub, having pulled him for nape skin.

If after difficult childbirth at a cat is observed the severe bleeding which is not disappearing within 10 minutes, it is necessary to address the expert .

When the cat gives birth, it is necessary to watch closely her state . The owner has to have near at hand medicines for stimulation of fights and to be ready to help the alumna. The delay can lead to a lethal outcome.

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