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the cat breed Removed in America рэдголл exists more than 50 years. Often in the name the mistake because of similarity of sounding creeps in. In a hurry many say: cat breed рэдголл. But such cat does not exist. Namely the main characteristic of an animal is reflected in the speaking name of breed.

Description of Cat Breed Ragdoll
the cat breed Removed in America рэдголл exists more than 50 years

the History of breed

The feature of a reduced tone of muscles received in a random way at kittens, was successfully used in and set as specific sign. This feature is reflected in the name of breed. Rag is a rag, rags, the newspaper. Doll is a doll. The combination of words in English designates the doll made of rags. Ragdoll – such name is given cat breed which possesses the weakened tone of muscles.

This physical defect has no scientific explanation. But the external appeal, friendly temper and the feature reminding a soft toy pleased fans of cats not only in the USA. The first kittens with the weakened muscular tone became result of crossing of long-haired parents: a street cat of Josephine and a domestic cat with Siamese marks in 1963

The manufacturer Ann Baker from Riversayt to California, the mistress of a cat, paid attention to the large size and an unusual color of kids at once. Kittens literally obmyakat when they were taken on hands. For selection work Ann selected the most suitable, appeasable animals and managed to set the received features. The breed was given the name the cherub. Beautiful blue-eyed giants had very soft, appeasable temper. In 1965 Ann Baker developed the standard of breed and registered it in CFA.

Description of Cat Breed Ragdoll
the Representative of breed a cat the ragdoll large, reaches the weight of 10 kg

Through 4 years the first representatives were shown at an exhibition in Great Britain. Distribution of breed in the countries of Europe began with this couple of the rivers of cats. In 1971 the manufacturer patented the name ragdoll and created the international association which task is conducting control and tough selection of individuals for knittings. But some manufacturers wished to expand variations of colourings and did not wish to work under control Baker.

As a result they created the breed of ragamaffin similar to redgola, but a bit different. There is the English version ред cats at which manufacturers enhanced external appeal. This category of animals differs in the bright blue color of eyes which is accurately outlined by a contour of a nose and silkier hair. The size of the British cats is a little less, than at Americans.

Description of Cat Breed Ragdoll

Description of breed

The representative of breed a cat the ragdoll large, reaches the weight of 10 kg, with long silky wool, in proportion put. Color of eyes – blue. Differ in quiet, balanced character, deep affection for the owner, high intelligence. Give in to training. Come for walk on a lead. Are not exacting in leaving. Kittens are born with white color of wool. Features of a color are shown within 3 years. The large animal develops more slowly and it is considered the full-fledged adult representative of breed by 4 years. To this age the color and the main signs is completely formed:

  1. A body of a cat big, the extended form with powerful frame. Proportional addition. Breast and back wide. The long tail is well trimmed.
  2. The strong neck holds the big head in the form of a wide wedge with well developed strong chin. Eyes are oval, blue color. The straight nose of average length has a small bend upon transition to a frontal part. Ears with roundish tips (brushes are allowed) are placed widely. The surface of the head around ears flat.
  3. Wool ред cats generally consists of a soft ostevy hair, with a small amount of an underfur. In the head wool length small, on a breast and a neck very magnificent. The hair is smoothly extended on a back and hips.
  4. Color of wool is allowed: blue, lilac, chocolate, dark gray. Colors kolor-point, миттед or bicolor.
  5. The character is quiet, without any signs of aggression. Cats ред breeds loyally treat children, other animal species. Are ideal for house contents.

of Feature of breed ragdoll (video)

Kittens a ragdoll are born up to 100 g and develop more slowly than other breeds. Eyes open later, at the age of 2 weeks. Are on breastfeeding to 4 weeks age. From this point kittens begin to be accustomed to new food. On the 10th week wool becomes more dense, and signs of a dark color (till this time all kittens have white color of wool) are shown. On the permanent residence of kittens it is accepted to give at the age of 3 months. By this moment at them all inoculations have to be already put. On the 4th month there is a change of teeth, formation of a body, head, color of eyes. At this age from 5-times food of kittens transfer to food 3 times a day.

Gallery: breed ragdoll (40 photos)

of Feature of leaving

For maintenance of appearance and wool of a redgoll 2 times a week are enough to comb out wool, paying special attention to paws.

Regularly examine and cut off claws, approximately time in 2 weeks. of Times a week is desirable to purge ears.

For prevention of diseases of teeth it is desirable to brush few times in a week teeth by means of a special brush and paste. It is necessary to accustom to the procedure as soon as possible.

For the rest the breed ред cats does not demand special privileges. Manufacturers carefully watch absence of hereditary diseases. Cats only because of the weakened muscular tone should not fall from big height.

It is also necessary to consider that at phlegmatic animals the danger threshold is underestimated. Therefore the ragdoll a cat looks quiet and even fearless. But such behavior can lead to problems during walks, especially in places with car traffic.

Description of Cat Breed Ragdoll


Cats ред breeds are not choosy. But for maintenance of health and beautiful appearance the animal has to receive good nutrition with a sufficient complex of minerals and vitamins. When feeding as dry feeds the premium and a super-premium class is better to choose categories.

If natural food for a ragdoll of a cat is chosen, then it has to include:

  • low-fat meat in a crude or boiled look;
  • the sea fish processed by boiled water from parasites;
  • fermented milk and dairy products;
  • cereals, vegetables, fruit.

Is strictly forbidden to give to cats the fried and prepared with addition salts, sugar, spices food.

Representatives of the rivers of breed differ in good manners. Never snatch on food. Eat slowly, enjoying each piece. It is not necessary to leave the food which remained after feeding in a bowl for food, in order to avoid its damage. It is necessary to change drinking water 2 times a day.

How to look after a ragdoll (video)

From 4 years when growth comes to an end, reduce food caloric content. Though the cat of breed a ragdoll is not inclined to obesity, but because of an inactive way of life does not need a large amount of energy resources.

Removal of new breed ред cats was directed to correction of character, but not external signs. Desire to receive a pet with quiet temper, capable to live near the person, to get on with children and other pets completely worked well. But because of limitation of population a thoroughbred kitten the ragdoll can cost rather much. It is possible to get it as the house friend with a condition of obligatory sterilization, irrespective of a floor. Kittens are available to further cultivation only to experienced manufacturers and cost very much.

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