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Scottish скоттиш страйт (the Scottish pryamoukhy cat) appeared relatively recently and is one of types of the Scottish group to which also Scottish Folds belong ("фолд" it is translated from English as a fold and points to a visloukhost). The cat скоттиш страйт can be long-haired and short-haired. One of the most demanded and breeds well-loved by many was brought in Scotland in the sixties of the last century as a result of crossing with a lop-eared cat. The mutating gene of a visloukhost gave rise to new unusually beautiful breed.

Description of Cat Breed Scottish Skottish Strayt
Scottish скоттиш страйт (the Scottish pryamoukhy cat) appeared relatively recently

the General description of breed

In one dung kittens of a folda and strayta who are called still the Scottish heteros are born. At the same time up to 20 days at all direct ears. They are bent at those who have a special gene. It is necessary to know that it is impossible to cross among themselves fold as at posterity mutations and bone anomalies are shown. One of parents surely has to be Scottish pryamoukhy.

Description of Cat Breed Scottish Skottish Strayt
the Cat breed скоттиш страйт has averages размеры

Порода cats скоттиш страйт has the average sizes. the Weight of an adult cat averages 5-7 kg. Cats скоттиш the strayt almost do not differ in the sizes, but have more appeasable character. They have a round body, a round face, round small pillows of moustaches. Their round widely placed eyes in combination with the dome-shaped head and direct ears give to cats of breed скоттиш страйт incredibly lovely look. In combination with shortish legs, the compact case and a plush hair the unique image reminding a teddy bear is created.

Description of Cat Breed Scottish Skottish Strayt

All cats of breed скоттиш страйт have the following characteristic features:

  • the head rounded, which is smoothly passing into a short strong neck;
  • well developed cheeks, especially at cats;
  • eyes are big, round, are widely put, their color depends on a wool color;
  • a nose wide without considerable stop (transition from a nose to a forehead);
  • ears are small, are put highly, tips are a little pointed and divorced in the parties;
  • the body is dense, the average sizes with strong proportional paws;
  • the tail of average length wide at the basis;
  • wool dense and thin which does not adjoin to the body covered with a dense underfur.

wool Colour

The Scottish cat can have the most various colors of wool. They can be divided into monophonic, with the drawing and bicolor. Depending on what character has the drawing, the color is called tiger, spotty and marble. the Most widespread are the next colors of wool:

  • white monophonic, at the same time nose and small pillows of paws pink, eyes blue or amber;
  • blue or gray-blue – eyes amber, a nose dark;
  • lilac with amber eyes;
  • black, chocolate,
  • brown, cream, red.

The Scottish cats have also colors shinshillovy and smoky. Skottish страйт a black color should not have a red shade. The chocolate hair as kittens of all flowers meet at cats of this color in a dung is especially appreciated.

Character of the Scot

The Scot is very clever and obedient. He is strong attached to the owner and misses when it is absent long. Character at strayt balanced and quiet. He easily gets on with all house inhabitants. He is distinguished by sedateness and importance. Usually the Scot does not hide and does not hesitate of strangers in the house. He always is near owners, follows them on heels. But very much does not love when he is forced and violently hold on hands.

Cats of this breed prefer to be nearby and to watch all events at distance. Cats love caress, at the same time loudly purr, is lazy covering eyes.

Many Scots like to drink water from under the crane , often using for this purpose the paws. They quite often accept very amusing poses. For example, they can be seen sitting as the person or sleeping on a back. Education of a strayt-cat usually does not cause problems. The appeasable character in combination with intelligence allows them to understand what is possible and that cannot be done in the house. The kitten is quickly accustomed to go to a tray and to sharpen nails in the specially allotted place.

Description of Cat Breed Scottish Skottish Strayt

Maintenance and leaving

the Scottish cats is distinguished not only by sociable character, but also unpretentiousness in leaving. From the owner insignificant efforts that the pet was healthy and happy are required. needs to carry out the following procedures:

  • regularly to cut nails;
  • to wipe eyes with a damp tampon;
  • to bathe approximately once a month, using special shampoo;
  • periodically to examine teeth and an oral cavity in due time to reveal diseases and to address to clinic;
  • long-haired cats should be combed every day, with short-haired this procedure is enough to be carried out once a week.

In the period of a molt the thicket should comb out the pet to help it to get rid quicker of old wool. It is better to use brushes from natural materials. For long wool hairbrushes with rare teeths, for short – with frequent are necessary. Wool, getting into a stomach of a cat, it is not dissolved. Therefore it is necessary to accustom him to special paste for removal of lumps of their organism.

pet's Diet

Food of Scots has some features. They should limit the dairy products leading to diarrheas. It is impossible to feed an animal only with dry feeds, it is necessary to include natural products in a diet: fish, eggs, vegetables, liver. It is important to feed daily a cat with crude meat which is previously frozen that there were no harmful bacteria.

It is worth taking care of that the pet did not gain excess weight. The activity and outdoor games will help to avoid it.

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