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Domestic cats there are general favourites. Seldom who will be able to push away from himself the fluffy purring being with an innocent look of huge eyes. Reverent attitude to children including cat's, in the person it is put by the nature, but touching woolen lumps quickly mature, and people often want that they always remained kids. Selectors tried to help owners, and in the world there were breeds of mini-cats who always remain kittens.

Breeds Pass Cats

Top-10 of demanded breeds


Want to have a pet many, but some the limited house space does not allow to get even an ordinary cat. The only decision is an acquisition of the dwarfish pet who is not taking a lot of place. Besides of a mini-cat are considered as the true exotic .

Cost expensive unusual cats, but the price does not affect the fast-increasing popularity of tiny representatives of cat's family at all.

the Top of-10 breeds with unusual names:




Napoleon Cat

The Scythian — Melt — Don

  1. Manchkin. The breed is not artificially removed, it resulted from a natural mutirovaniye of ordinary cats. The main difference — very short, absolutely direct paws, but it does not prevent manchkina to run quickly and to jump high. And also at animals excellent immunity and quiet appeasable character. The breed will suit families with children and pets with whom manchkina perfectly get on. Body weight is from 1.8 to 3.6 kg. The price of a thoroughbred kitten varies from 5,000 to 20,000 rubles
  2. Bambino. Nonhairy cats with large ears, the extended body and short forepaws, hind legs have the sizes proportional to a body. Despite a korotkolapost, cats are very mobile, quite curious and nonaggressive. The breed — a fruit of laborious selection work (result of crossing of manchkin and sphinxes) and still carries the status of experimental. The weight of adult animal 2−4 kg, the average price is 50000−70000 rubles
  3. Singapore. The rare breed which occurred from the homeless Singapore cats 15 cm in height in withers. The main distinctive feature of these babies is the shining wool and an unusual color with a pinkish shade. On each hair two sites of a dark tiking between which there passes the light strip. The character is quiet, friendly, but treat strangers with care. Are focused on the person, love caress, to sit on handles and to pomurchat. Only 2−3 kg weigh, live up to 15 years. The price of a club kitten reaches 120,000 rubles
  4. Dvelf. Some of the smallest cats in the world, are brought artificially in 2009 and so far are in the status of experimental breed. Nonhairy cats were received as a result of knittings of manchkin, the Canadian sphinxes and American curls. Appearance remind fairy tale characters from children's animated cartoons, love communication, strongly become attached to owners and do not transfer loneliness. Quite vulnerable and sensitive. 1.8−3 kg weigh, grow to 20 cm. The price of kittens can be learned directly at the manufacturer, and to get only in the homeland — in North America.
  5. Lambkin. The most rare, expensive breed conducting the origin from manchkin and Selkirk Rexes. At animals usually smoky or tortoise color and the wavy hair reminding astrakhan fur. Long-haired and short-haired individuals meet. The character is good-natured, aggression is absent. From 2 to 4 kg weigh.
  6. Kinkalou. In the world there are only several dozens of representatives of this breed. Adult individuals weigh up to 2.2 kg. The main feature — short paws and the bent ears. The nice appearance is in harmony with gentle disposition. It is difficult to get a kinkaloa because of small number of individuals.
  7. Skukum. The breed was removed in 1996 by Roy Galusha. As a result of crossing of manchkin and la-permov the touching small animal, up to 4 kg and growth up to 19 cm, with short pads and wavy wool appeared. Skukuma have gay appeasable character, easily get on with pets, treat children kindly. It is difficult to buy a kitten in Russia as breed rare and kittens are on sale only in nurseries of Europe.
  8. Minskin. A cat with total absence of a wool cover, growth to 19 cm and up to 2.5 kg, появившася only at the beginning of the 21st century. These are the gentle and very tender pets who are strongly attached to owners. Perfectly get on with the cats and dogs living near them. Are patient with small children. The cost of kittens begins from $300. The price depends on origin of a kitten, pedigree qualities and popularity of parents.
  9. Napoleon. As a result from crossing of manchkin and Persians the tiny fluffy kitty with short paws and with the body weight up to 3 kg, completely deprived aggressions turned out. Needs constant attention, it is faithful to the owner until the end of life. Napoleona love children, at ill-treatment never fight back offenders and do not try to escape. Kittens are estimated at 35000−80000 rubles
  10. The Scythian - melt - Don. The only breed of dwarfish cats removed in Russia. It proportional the put animals with a Siamese color. Adult individuals weigh from 900 g to 2.5 kg. Fans to draw general attention with various tricks (to climb on curtains to a ceiling or to get to the very top of a high case). Easily give in to training and can execute various commands, for example, "апорт". Treat guests of the house with trust. With other pets and children can play with pleasure for hours and hours. The cats of this breed who even are not castrated do not mark the territory of the apartment. The price varies from 70000 to 300000 rubles, and females are much more expensive than males.

In the wild nature is also tiny representatives of cat's. The tiniest of them zanensena in the Guinness Book of Records.

Choice of the manufacturer

The beginning fans of cats are at a loss in the choice of nursery, and the unfair sellers nicknamed razvedenets easily can palm off the metis or not purebred kid. to distinguish the checked manufacturer from razvedenets needs to know the following:

Pass Cats

  • The known nurseries do not sell animals in the markets and in cheap pet-shops.
  • The thoroughbred kitten will not cost little, but also high cost is not always a guarantee of pure blood.
  • The owner of nursery has to provide the documents confirming that its institution is registered in one of felinological systems: CFA, TICA, FIFE, WCF, MFA.
  • The skilled owner of nursery will specify to future owner not only advantages, but also will describe shortcomings. And also will tell about features of breed, food and leaving.
  • The checked nurseries, as a rule, have the official sites on which breeds of the sold animals are described.
  • Each thoroughbred the kitten has to be vaccinated on age and have the package of documents (a family tree, the pet passport, the certificate, etc.).

the least cats (25 photos)

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Popular Russian nurseries

Before acquisition of a kitten, at first it is necessary to choose breed and to find nursery. the Checked manufacturers:

Pass Cats Manufacturers

  • Murmulet (Moscow), Napoleon.
  • ALYONA'S WHIM (Sovetsk) манчкин.

For each mini-breed exist certain rules of maintenance and leaving which have to be observed strictly.

The best options of leaving will be prompted directly by the manufacturer, but also the owner should study independently features of content of the breed of a cat acquired by it.

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